Harley-Davidson Turns to OnlyFans to Engage Younger Riders

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That Harley-Davidson has an age problem is no secret in the motorcycle community. The Bar & Shield brand is suffering heavily from the decline of baby boomers in the two-wheeled lifestyle, and now it must reinvent itself for a new generation of rider.

In that effort, no stone has been left unturned. Harley-Davidson was the first major motorcycle manufacturer to create a full-sized electric motorcycle, and it is about to debut its first true adventure bike (don’t believe the marketing hype to contrary).

Harley-Davidson has even made an effort to engage with millennials and younger generations in meaningful ways, which has meant deviating from more traditional market-outreach efforts.

Today’s news pounds that point home further, as the Bar & Shield brand has launched a presence on the OnlyFans social media platform.

Launching the new “The Best Ride of Your Life” campaign, Harley-Davidson joins a list of high-profile names that have embraced the OnlyFans website for content creators, and the opportunities it presents for customer engagement.

“Connecting with our fans is a paramount to our marketing message,” explained spokesperson Ronald Jeremiah. “Traditional marketing events would have seen us mounting customer experiences in dealership parking lots or biker rallies, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to rethink how to reach-out and touch our most devoted riders.”

“This has brought new value to online spaces, and nowhere is the customer engagement as high as it is on OnlyFans,” Jeremiah continued. “The best part about OnlyFans though is the user base, as we are focused on getting better penetration into the millennial demographic.”

“In many ways, it is surprising that we are the first motorcycle brand on the platform, but that shows the kind of future-focused thinking we have at Harley-Davidson now,” he added.

In the intermediate steps, Harley-Davidson seems to be content with a more modest approach to its OnlyFans space, posting only a handful of photos on the service, presumably as wallpapers for dealers and enthusiasts.

There is talk though that the Bar & Shield brand could hook-up again with actor Jason Momoa, who was featured heavily in the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 debut.

“We are very excited to continue working with Jason Momoa,” Avril Fuell, Content Director at Harley-Davidson, told Asphalt & Rubbers. “We are seeing a big movements in our analytics from Jason’s Pan America short, and we are eager to see where that can take us on social media sites like OnlyFans, especially as we engage with female riders.”

“There are also opportunities available on the platform for a return of Charlie and Ewan, either together again as a pair, or separately for some solo work, as we continue to solidify some of our male-focused marketing efforts”

Of course, Harley-Davidson has already tapped the dynamic duo for their Apple TV+ show, “The Long Way Up” which was one of the debut shows on Apple’s video streaming service.

Presumably, their OnlyFans content would be a continuation of this theme, but geared more towards the audience that has been cultivated on the mobile-heavy site. We would expect more point-of-view and behind-the-scenes videos, which is typically done in a vertical format.

Overall, it is an exciting push from the American brand, and it certainly has us standing at full attention to see what they do next on the platform. We have to give Harley-Davidson credit, it is definitely some “outside of the box” thinking.

As we start the month, expect to see the Harley-Davidson Pan America arriving online, on OnlyFans, and in dealers throughout the month of April.

Source: OnlyFans

We hope you enjoyed today’s April Fools story about Harley-Davidson joining the OnlyFans site. Unfortunately, OnlyFans (rightly) rejected our application to be content-creators on their platform, so we couldn’t post these gems on the new Harley-Davidson account we created on the site. But, we thought we’d share them here. Until next year!