Epo-Bike First Confirmed FIM ePower Entry

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Christian Amendt, an engineering student out of Germany is the first confirmed entrant of the FIM ePower Electric Motorcycle Race series. Using what might be called a quantified version of Lotus’s “performance through low weight” philosophy, Christian converted a Honda RS125R to electric using a “half the weight, half the power” design.

The 115kg (253.5lbs) electric race bike weighs 187 lbs less than the triple motor MotoCzysz e1pc. The theory is that the light weight will allow the 96 Volt, single motor, 3 kWh Epo-bike to out perform a 2 or 3 motor bike that weighs over 400 lbs with the batteries needed to power them. The Epo-Bike uses a Lemco D135 DC motor, LiFePO4 batteries from an undisclosed manufacturer and an Alltrax AX7425 controller to achieve 74Nm of torque and reach a top speed of about 111 mph. See more pictures and a video of the epo-bike on the track after the break.

Like most of the “exclusive” TTXGP entries, it does not seem Amendt has anything against the competing series. The FIM ePower series is merely more convenient given his location and time constraints. This is a step in the right direction for ePower who has seen TTXGP gain a hand full of entrants over the last few weeks. The FIM will run ePower races on WSBK and MotoGP race weekends which should have a strong draw for race teams looking for visibility in the up and coming electric race scene.

Source: Plug Bike