BMW Motorrad Hits All-Time Half-Year Sales Record

07/14/2014 @ 2:27 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


Despite having rough sales in June (-5.7%), BMW Motorrad says it had its best six-month spread every during the first half of 2014, with the German motorcycle maker selling 70,978 motorcycles and maxi-scooters so far this year. Up 9.3% over the same time period last year (64,941 units), BMW Motorrad continues to show solid growth each quarter, and each sales year.

“We have achieved an all-time six-month high in the first half of this year. Never before have we sold this many vehicles in the first six months of a year,” said Heiner Faust, BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing. “With an increase of 9.3 % in the first half of 2014, we remain on course to achieve an all-time sales high for the year as a whole.”

BMW says its top-selling machine was unsurprisingly the R1200GS, which for 2015 will receive a modest number of refinements, and nearly 15,000 units of the adventure-tourer were sold worldwide.

The BMW R1200GS Adventure and BMW R1200RT model were the second and third most popular motorcycles from BMW during the first six-months, with 9,708 and 7,420 units respectively. The Germans says the BMW R nineT surpassed expectations with 4,114 modular unit sales thus far.

The next half of the year will be interesting for BMW Motorrad, as the company is dealing with its “Do Not Ride” recall for Dynamic-ESA equipped BMW R1200RT models, and the upcoming launch of the BMW S1000F. BMW is also expected to debut a bagger version of the K1600, to compete with the Honda F6B and other similar bikes.

BMW Motorrad has also shown the intriguing Roadster concept, and is expected to announce an upcoming small-displacement model, made in collaboration with India’s TVS.

Source: BMW Group

  • Cody

    2015 r1200st a.k.a. r1200gt too?

  • paulus

    Will be interesting to see the impact of the recent recall.

  • Eyvind

    Now if they could only make reliable machines, I would even feel good for them. But no. They’ve traded quality for quantity. Sad.

  • smiler

    Like that Logo. More complex and interesting than the traditional one.

  • Derek

    When they come back with a R-RS bike I will return to the fold. They should take note that their top 3 sellers are “R” bikes (aka Boxer).

  • Andrew

    The thing that really, we’ll other then riding the bike, that sold me on BMW was the professionalism when I came to one of their demo day rides. I have since switched from Ducati 1100evo monster to the new s1000r. Very satisfied with my purchase and honestly riding the s1000r was a spur of the moment decision and man oh man do I not regret it.