2015 BMW K1300S Motorsport – A Swan Song?

07/07/2014 @ 12:59 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


Mid-year product launches are usually uneventful affairs, as manufacturers basically trying to grab some column space with the reworkings of their previous-year machines. BMW Motorrad is no different of course, releasing information on a number of “2015” machines that only really have new paint options to show for their model year distinctions.

Some credit can be given to the 2015 BMW R1200GS, which will be receiving the same heavier flywheel that is found on the current crop of BMW R1200GS Adventure and BMW R1200RT motorcycles. This should make the GS a little bit more manageable at lower engine rpm’s, and match the “bold new graphics” nicely in the process.

Another Bavarian motorcycle of note is the 2015 BMW K1300S Motorsport, which takes the venerable sport-tourer from BMW, and adds a bit of flash to the machine. The new paint scheme is the most obvious of new elements, and the BMW K1300S Motorsport incorporates a black engine spoiler, tinted windshield, HP wheels, and Akrapovic exhaust. What’s more important though, is in the fine print.

BMW says that the previous colors of the BMW K1300S will be discontinued after the 2014 model year, meaning the “Motorsport” edition of the model will be the only on the market. This seems to be a tip-off that the K1300S Motorsport will likely be the last of the K1300S design, with BMW surely trying to blowout manufactured pieces ahead of a new model release.

With the BMW S1000F set to debut soon, likely at October’s INTERMOT show in Cologne, the inline-four S1000RR-based sport tourer could certainly be taking over as BMW’s sport-focused sport-tourer. If both bikes remained on the lineup together, there would be considerable overlap between the machines, with the x-factor being how ADV-ready the S1000F would be made.

With spy shots of the BMW S1000F showing a machine adventure-touring styling cues, it’s hard to say what BMW Motorrad is up to, though the original rumor about the machine was that it was BMW’s next sport-tourer. Time will tell on how this all plays out, in the meantime K1300S Motorsport might be last of the K1300S. It’ll be available August 1st, at € 19,950 including a 19% VAT.









Source: BMW Motorrad

  • MikeD

    That thing looks SWEET. C’mon Lottery !!!!!

    Too bad they dropped the K1300GT and never brought over the K1300R.

    I still have crazy dreams of a K1600S or R. Been camping/lurking too much on the K1600 Forums lately . . . lol.

  • Can’t wait for the BMW S1000F to be released. I’d like to take it on tour with the guys at SAMA.

  • Gotta agree, Mike. That looks the business to my eyes.

  • desmo

    They did the same thing with the R1100S. They made 200 limited Boxer Cup replicas in 2003. Sold so fast they made 300 in 2004, and 600 in 2005.

  • Matt

    A particular model is always seeing its last days when BMW gives it a special red, white & blue paint job.

  • DWolvin

    Agreed that it’s a shame we never got the K1300r. As a 12r owner I can’t say enough about this bike, and the option to trade up for a better gearbox alone would be very tempting. I do love the look of the S (and GT), but giving this old man / Frikken’ child a fairing just causes more speeding tickets. Still, great bike, amazing suspension, luscious power!

  • Joe

    Hope they don’t discontinue the duo-lever (Hossack) front end.
    One of coolest bits of unusual production hardware in motorcycling.

  • JoeD

    My impression of the 1200 was one of awe. I whacked ‘er in 4th and the speedo needle moved as quickly as the tach needle on any other bike. Given the improvements over the years, this bike is destined to be collectible. Hugely.

  • Marc


  • Mav

    Hope they don’t replace a 1300 by a 1000. Nothing can beat displacement when you don’t have time to think and must accelerate to leave a tight spot…. And that 1300 engine is just amazing when revving through with the shifter. Bottom line BMW: no worries if you think a new model is due, but plw bring on something similar ! Sport GT is not Sport ADV. I nearly bought a Multistrada as a second bike but will wait for the S1000F instead. But I will definitely retain my K1300S nevertheless. It is that good.

  • Johnny Nightrider

    I want this 2015 BMW K1300S Motorsport.I know where to get one.

  • Hubbert Smith

    c’mon “why K1300s?” thats just a dumb question.
    I own a K1200, I’ve test ridden a S1000RR.
    if you want a track bike. if you are 22, if you are shorter than 5′-10″, great buy a 1000.
    if you commute, if you tour, if you are older, and taller, the K1300 is a much better fit