Is BMW Working on an S1000RR Based Sport-Tourer?

02/13/2014 @ 2:57 pm, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


Rumors out of Germany say that BMW Motorrad is working on a new variations of its “S” platform, which would see the S1000RR used as a base for a Multistrada-esque four-bikes-in-one type of machine.

According to the well-informed folks at Motorrad magazine, the new BMW model could be seen at this year’s trade shows (we would expect an INTERMOT debut, over an EICMA premiere), and would feature dynamic damping control, ride-by-wire throttle maps, ABS, and traction control.

The new model, tentatively called the BMW S1000F, would likely share the detuned four-cylinder engine found on the BMW S1000R streetfighter model, along with various ergonomic changes for longer-mileage riding.

How BMW Motorrad would diffentiate the machine from the S1000R, which already has a bag of touring goodies in the BMW parts catalog, remains to be seen.

It also remains to be seen how the Germans would differeniate that S1000F from the R1200GS, K1300S, and F800GT, which have considerable crossover with the “do-all” model being rumored.

That being said, we’ve often found BMW’s touring models to be lacking enough “achtung!” for our sporting needs, which could leave a nice low-volume niche for the S1000F variant.

With enough pieces from the common parts bin, the S1000F could be an affordable way for BMW to get some more mileage out its superbike offering, no pun intended.

Could this also be a sign that BMW is ready to revamp the now six-year-old S1000RR? As we’re fond of over-saying, time will tell on this one.

Source: Motorrad


  1. Ypsailon.B says:

    Take my money now! Seems like a tiger 1050/multistrada concept

  2. Deeds says:

    Overpriced with 12 dozen options. What about the K1300S? I’m still waiting on a ST version of the Fz-09.

  3. paulus says:

    seems like a viable option. More sports touring than a GS.

  4. Tom Mullaney,DVM says:

    K1600 S anyone? Doubtful but an interesting more sporting platform than the GT group.

  5. Matt P. says:

    K1600S? I’d buy one tomorrow. Sold my K1300s and regret it. I’d buy another one but I’m hoping BMW will come up with something a little fresher.

  6. Norm G. says:

    (quick check of the calendar, right then it’s not 1/4)

    re: “According to the well-informed folks at Motorrad magazine”

    yes, usually well-informed they are, but on this one Normstradamus says they’re full of beans.

  7. Paul McM says:

    Dear BMW. Just make a sweet 1300cc Torquey triple with counter-balancers and put it in the R1200rt Chassis. I just rented a 2013 R1200RT in Arizona and rode it 900 miles. Fantastic bike, totally underwhelming engine. I know the H20-Head 2014 will be better, but I think a triple is the answer for a Sport Tourer. The R1200RT already has so much that is excellent — Riding position was great, seat was quite comfortable, and the windscreen was unbelievably good — no turbulence. Quieter at 70 mph than my ST1100 screen at 35 mph. Honest. But the motor — meh. Too vibey at hwy speeds, wanted MORE power when passing on up-hills.

  8. tiger37373 says:

    s1000rr is already an amazing touring machine. I’ve ridden mine thousands of miles. Just add a shaft drive and I’ll make a trade…

  9. Joe Sixpack says:

    Looks like a Triumph Tiger

  10. Deckard says:

    Make it a real sport-tourer please, like a Kawasaki Z1000SX. Enough with these pretend Adv street bikes that will never spend any time off asphault, give us street bikes designed for street use. Thank you.

  11. damn says:

    im with Joe Sixpack

  12. manny varela says:

    bmw is not making anything worthy of the street.
    all the same recycled nonsense..
    more electronics ? nothing new
    engines being used ? nothing new
    prices ? suck
    i rather get a ktm super duke 1290r
    or even a z1000.

  13. Matthew says:

    “That being said, we’ve often found BMW’s touring models to be lacking enough “achtung!” for our sporting needs, which could leave a nice low-volume niche for the S1000F variant.”

    –the K1200/1300GT didn’t have enough achtung for you at ~160hp/100tq? I get that the 1600GT is lacking in the sport department and the F800GT isn’t terribly sporty, but some of the Ks can move like hell. Nevertheless, this would be a sensible move since there’s now a huge S/T gap to be filled between the 800 and 1600 in their lineup.

  14. Trumpet Chap says:

    Looks like a Tiger eh! That’ll make a long overdue change from Triumph chasing BMW’s tail all time.

  15. Marc F says:

    This was a spectacular bike when it was called the FZ-1, so should be even better with BMW farkle-ization.

    (snark intended, but no sarcasm)

  16. Bazerko says:

    GARBAGE!! bike will be just as ugly as their superbike is

  17. Manny varela says:

    BMW is a joke.
    Their superbike?
    They have one?
    Ohhh yea the their world superbike
    Machine that quit competing
    Because the japs (kawasaki)
    And Italians (aprilia)
    We’re too
    Much for them
    To handle….
    Maybe the laser headlights bmw is
    Developing will help them go faster.
    Aren’t s1000r ‘s & hp4’s
    Fully unlocked ecu wise from the factory ?

  18. Spamtasticus says:

    Is commenting in a style like you are text messaging with yourself some new kind of mental masturbation developed by millenials or do you have a Return key fetish? As far as the content of your vertical dribble is concerned, may I suggest you keep working on your track skills so that some day you can beat whomever is raping you with an S1000RR so that you no longer need to post in forums to relieve the pain.

  19. Nd4SpdnTX says:

    Lets hope this isn’t BMW’s idea of a K13S replacement. One more mini, IMO. Too small, not enough HP and Torque. K13S is the best bike BMW makes. All they need to do to sell more is put them in the showroom. Houston dealers rarely have one, and when they do it’s sold in a week. Floor full of S1000RR, and GS’. All we need on the KxS bike is more hp, like 200 is a good number. Please, no 1600 “sport” bikes. Too heavy, and not enough power.

  20. troydba says:

    I would love to see BMW come out with an direct competitor to the Ducati Multistrada with these IMPROVIEMENTS: Ditch the Enduro Mode, Lower the Fork Travel from 6.7″ to 5″, Lower the Seat Height at least 1.5″, provide much better wind protection, Eliminate the massive fork dive issue that plague the multi, make it the sweetest, best handling canyon carver in the segment, make it the most tour friendly bike in the segment. This is what I desperately want and can not find in the market right now.

  21. Norm G. says:

    re: “Eliminate the massive fork dive issue that plague the multi, make it the sweetest, best handling canyon carver in the segment, make it the most tour friendly bike in the segment. This is what I desperately want and can not find in the market right now.”

    unbeknownst, troy’s just revealed he hasn’t visited his local dealer to test ride the new GS.

  22. Troydba says:

    Alas, I did in fact visit my local dealership and took the new R1200GS for a spin last week and was very impressed with the bike. If I was in the market for an adventure enduro with designs to ride off road or even dirt roads, then I would have met my match. I even told the dealer that I thought it was smoother all around than the multistrada – no fork dive, consistent powerband (my opinion only). However, I still don’t want an enduro motorcycle. I’m looking for a performance street machine that is biased more toward touring than the dirt. It obviously gave me some hope for the R1200RT which I plan to test ride next. However, I originally went into the dealership interested in test riding K1600GT ( I rode a K1600 GTL before and was a overwhelmed by the size of the beast although it felt much smaller underway. My biggest gripe was the back-lash in the drive shaft and clunky transmission). So, to my original point, something smaller, sportier with more power than a boxer, none of the drive line issue of the K1600 and no enduro stilts would be perfect – for me! Cheers!