Alta Motors Drops Pricing on 2018 Redshift Lineup, Bigly

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Good news from Alta Motors, as the San Franciscan company is sizably dropping prices across the board on its lineup of Redshift electric motorcycles.

The price changes for 2018 affect the Redshift MX (motocross), Redshift EX (enduro), and Redshift SM (supermoto) models, with MSRPs that align these machines much closer in price when compared to their established thermic counterparts.

As such the new pricing is as follows: 2018 Redshift MX ($10,495), 2018 Redshift EX ($12,995), and 2018 Redshift SM ($13,495) – which means that these prices are dropping by several thousands of dollars (the MX model takes a $5,000 price decrease, while the SM is $2,000 cheaper than before).

The move is surely the first public change by Alta Motors that we can attribute to the company’s new Chief Revenue Officer, Matt Work, who joined Alta late last year.

“We are pleased to offer the superior performance of the Alta Redshift platform for the first time at a price that is directly comparable to the premium bikes in our segment,” said Matthew Work, Chief Revenue Officer. “The promise of electric drivetrains is here today, no longer a promise in the future.”

The real piece to note though is that Alta is brining its lineup into price parity with comparable gasoline-powered equivalents, which is a huge step for the electric brand.

Alta also says that it has made a number of technical changes and improvements to its 2018 bikes, which now make more horsepower, have faster recharge times, reduce weight, and improve reliability when compared to the previous iteration.

It’s hard to argue with cheaper, faster, and better.

“Growing demand and investments in our manufacturing and supply chain allow economies of scale that we can pass directly on to our customers,” said Marc Fenigstein, Founder and Chief Product Officer. “We are excited to be able to compare our machine head-to-head with the best in the market.”

Some riders will still be looking for bigger battery packs from Alta Motors, but the excuses for not seriously considering the electric brand when shopping for a new motorcycle are rapidly diminishing.

Source: Alta Motors