Alta Adds Enduro Model to Its Electric Lineup

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The electric motorcycle lineup from Alta Motors quietly grew larger today, with the San Francisco startup adding an electric enduro model to its range. As such, say hello to the 2018 Alta Motors Redshift EX.

The bike is pretty straightforward, as it takes the motocross-focused Redshift MX, makes some chassis changes and adds a license plate, so you can go shredding off-road and on-road alike.

To the finer details, the chassis changes include an 18″ rear wheel, narrower rake and larger offset, a WP rear shock with a custom reservoir, a smaller rear brake, and Metzeler 6 Days Extreme tires.

All of this adds up to a 275 lbs electric motorcycle (which is kind of a thing right now) with 40hp at the rear wheel, and 120 lbs•ft of torque at the countershaft sprocket.

Alta claims 3hrs of trail riding can be had on the Redshift EX’s 5.8 kWh battery pack, though your mileage may vary depending on the course and trails you’re riding. Charging time is roughly 2.5hrs on a 240v system, 4hrs on a 120v outlet.

When we rode the Alta Redshift MX in the forests of Oregon (the same location as these media photos), we found the Redshift platform to be a potent model, and the MX living up to the range claims for the EX, on the tight trails outside of Portland, OR.

In total, today’s news means that Alta has a more robust electric offering for dealers and consumers, and there is some not-so-quiet talk about a street-tracker model coming soon as well.

Source: Alta Motors