Alta Motors Redshift ST Street Tracker Concept

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The One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon is just a couple weeks away, an event where hipsters and custom bike builder will come together to celebrate all things two-wheeled. One of the show’s sponsors this year is electric startup Alta Motors, and they will be debuting a street tracker concept to the masses.

The concept bike is built off Alta’s Redshift platform, with changes made to the bodywork (made via rapid prototyping), lowered suspension, and an LED headlight, along with the addition of 19″ carbon fiber BST wheels shod in flat-tracking rubber.

As a concept, the Redshift ST still has some evolving to do before it can be a production model, but it shows that Alta Motors is considering adding something to its lineup that resonates with a younger, more urban crowd (The One Moto Show being a prime spot to test those waters).

More importantly perhaps, the Redshift ST could a model to Alta’s lineup that has a seat height below 32″ – a key dimension when it comes to making motorcycles accessible to a wider variety of riders, both in terms of physical height and experience level.

To our sport-bikey senses, the machine looks svelte and intriguing, though I have to say that I have never been a big fan of the “Daymaker” LED headlight – on any motorcycle, really.

When it comes to headlight designs that are DOT legal though, options are rather limited. It is also worth mentioning that putting a headlight design through the DOT regulatory process is a very expensive proposition.

That being said, the idea of an electric street tracker based on the Redshift platform certainly sounds appealing, and a smart application of an electric drivetrain for a motorcycle.

We have been big fans of the company’s work on their supermoto and motocross machines, so we imagine the Redshift ST rides like a slideways firecracker.

If you are not at The One Moto Show to see the Alta Motors Redshift ST concept in person, that’s ok – A&R got the exclusive on a bunch of hi-res shots of the machine. You can see them after the jump.

Photos: Alta Motors