2015 Alta RedShift SM — A SuMo Wrestler with Lights

10/16/2014 @ 10:42 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS


Like its off-roading counterpart, the Alta RedShift SM is built around the most powerful motor on the market, per pound (40hp coming from an 11 lbs motor), which is a proprietary design by Alta.

Building around that a proper supermoto package, complete with WP suspension and Brembo brakes, the Alta Motors crew hopes that it has built a supermoto that will blow away the competition on the track, whether it be another electric sumo, or a lites-class gas-powered machine.

One glance at the photos, and any fan of the BRD RedShift SM can see that his bike has evolved while the San Francisco based company has been working on it. The bodywork has gotten edgier, the frame beefier, and the electrons…well, right.

The key figures for the RedShift SM’s are its 255 lbs race weight (265 lbs street weight) and the 50 mile range (mixed road use). Like the RedShift MX, the Alta RedShift SM’s battery can be swapped in 10-15 minutes with two people working on the swap, and will be backwards compatible with any future energy packs from Alta Motors.

Aimed to be a race bike with lights, the RedShift SM promises fewer maintenance hours, rebuilds, and other race bike wrenching activities. Of course, the added speed and reliability comes at a premium, to the tune of $15,495 MSRP. Expect to see the Alta RedShift SM hitting dealership in California during Q2 2015, and in other states in Q3 2015.

With KTM rumored to be bringing the Freeride E-SM to the US market next year, it will be interesting to see how these two machines stake up against each other.






Source: Alta Motors

  • Thomas

    Something like this is totally on my wishlist.

    But not before EV technology advances so the range improves and the price comes down. I want at least 150 miles of range on a bike like this, while keeping the same power and weight.

  • Andy H

    The prototype was much “prettier” than the production model.

    Oh well.

    I’m sure mine is gonna get rashed up pretty quickly.

  • Jay

    Ultimate urban hooligan commuter. Should sell well in Alta’s home turf, SF.

  • SpaceJJ

    It looks much better than some strippers I’ve spoken to.
    Where’s the Army commando version?

  • I agree, it looks pretty flat and “meh” in these photos. On the trade show floor though, they look pretty killer. I love the old look, but this one is certainly growing on me.

    I don’t think anyone will be upset about the aesthetics when you see it in person. We’ll try and get a gallery up tomorrow.

  • gmy33

    i hope everything will go well for you guys and looking forward to drive one in holland …it has twice the range of freerider e and it should be competable and stronger compaired to the zero fx . it is more expensive so i cant wait to ride one!!!!
    when is it coming to europe??

  • Mxs

    New name, old price …. We will see if the units will make it to the early adopters. I still think they will need a lof of good luck to survive next 2 or 3 years …