Video: Keanu Reeves Explains Why Motorcycles Are Awesome

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If you haven’t seen it by now, there is a video of Keanu Reeves making the rounds on the internet, thanks to the folks at  GQ.

The video sees the famed Hollywood actor talking about his passion and love for motorcycles, as well as his involvement in the Arch Motorcycle brand.

Reeves gives the crew at GQ a behind-the-scenes at Arch HQ, and then discusses how he came to ride motorcycles and what is currently sitting in his garage (there are more than a couple bikes).

A genuine enthusiast, it is good to see someone with the profile of Keanu Reeves sharing their love for our sport and industry.

We reckon more than a few non-motorcyclists might find their way onto a motorcycle because of this video. We hope the motorcycle industry is taking now.

Source: GQ (YouTube)

Jensen Beeler

Despite his best efforts, Jensen is called one of the most influential bloggers in the motorcycle industry, and sometimes consults for motorcycle companies, whether they've solicited his expertise or not.