ARCH Motorcycle Set to Debut 3 New Models at EICMA

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Keanu Reeves is confirmed to attend this year’s EICMA show, and that’s a good thing, as his ARCH Motorcycle brand is set to debut three models at the trade show in Milan, Italy.

The first bike will be the 2018 version of the ARCH KRGT-1, which we expect to be a maturation of ARCH’s first motorcycle design.

Judging from the location of its debut, we expect the ARCH KRGT-1 to be available in the European market next year – and thus now Euro4 compliant – likely with some help from the folks at Suter.

The second bike is the ARCH 1S, which will be a more sporty version of the already performance-focused cruiser model. The ARCH 1S features a single-sided swingarm, as well as a more aggressive rider position.

Lastly, the third motorcycle from ARCH will be an all-new machine. Dubbed the ARCH METHOD 143, the carbon fiber motorcycle has a carbon fiber MonoCell frame, and is more sport bike than cruiser, while staying true to ARCH’s current design language.

Only 23 units of the METHOD 143 model will be produced, and we doubt it will be cheap.

Source: EICMA