This KTM-Powered Power Wheels Is All Giggles

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Children of the 1990s will surely remember the Power Wheels line of electric cars for kids.

For the adolescents who had one, it was their first foray into America’s automotive culture, and surely the sight of one today evokes strong memories of dead batteries and slow crashes.

Now 35 years after their debut, Power Wheels is finding a new life in this generation’s collective heart. Take for example this KTM-powered Power Wheels Porsche build, with its 450cc of four-stroke fury and good intentions.

Putting the 911 in emergency phone calls, this Porsche might be tiny, but it is mighty.

Coming from Asphalt & Rubber’s backyard of Portland, Oregon, the build comes from Steve Hessick; and if you were at the Dirt Quake USA event this year, you may have even seen it raced in anger.

We don’t usually condone four-wheeled shenanigans on A&R, but given the fact that the KTM dirt motor can loft the front two wheels, we think its close enough to our moto-loving lifestyle.

Be sure to check out Steve’s channel for more info on the build – it is pretty impressive to see what he’s created (and that Crystal still has all her limbs). Stay rad, guys!

Source: Hessick Moto (YouTube)