Too Many Photos of the Ducati DesertX in Action

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The Ducati DesertX is an important model for the Italian brand, as it marks the first modern 21″ dual-sport from the brand, and Borgo Panigale’s entry into the middleweight ADV space.

The DesertX has come a long way since its 2019 concept debut, where it first came from the Scrambler subrand and with an air-cooled DesmoDue engine.

Now water-cooled (using the 937cc Testastretta 11° engine) and under the main Ducati marque, the Ducati DesertX is finally getting into the hands of the motorcycling press, which means we have no shortage of high-resolution photos to share with you.

Early impressions of the machine are favorable, which only adds to the list of strong options that are available in the middleweight ADV category. Similarly, indications from Ducati dealers suggests that the bike will be a sellout for at least a model year or two.

Resting on more laurels than just its modern-retro looks, the Ducati DesertX offers both sophisticated electronics and top-shelf fit-and-finish in its design. The high price tag seems unlikely to sway those looking for more than just a bare bones dirt bike.

That might be fairly high praise of a motorcycle that comes into a space that has no shortage of strong machines at every price point, but the victory dances will surely be underway at Borgo Panigale.

It is one thing to create a potent motorcycle in a segment when a brand has experience in the space. It is entirely another thing when a marque strays considerably outside its comfort zone.

Just as Harley-Davidson left its comfortable cruiser designs for the Pan America, Ducati’s superbike heritage doesn’t necessary mean success when it comes to a dirt-loving dual-sport, and yet the Italian have seemingly done just that. Chapeau.

Photos: Ducati