Electric Trials Riding Evolves with the Yamaha TY-E 2.0

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It was four years ago when we first saw Yamaha’s electric trials motorcycle, and the Yamaha TY-E was certainly an interesting entry into the space. That statement only becomes truer with version 2.0.

A such, the Yamaha TY-E 2.0 just officially debuted at the 49th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, and our initial wave of information shows a refined bike in Yamaha’s lineup.

The beautiful composite monocoque frame (CFRP) has been updated, and the battery pack benefits from half a decade’s worth of progress – boasting 2.5x more energy capacity than the previous “1.0” model, with only a 20% weight increase.

Yamaha quotes an official weight of “over 70kg” for the TY-E 2.0, which puts it right in line with its internal combustion counterparts.

Yamaha has also revised the layout of the powertrain and battery, lowering the center of gravity on the trial bike. Additional changes have been made to the bike’s mechanical flywheel and clutch, for improved traction.

Still a prototype, the Yamaha TY-E 2.0 is sadly not for sale…yet…but Kenichi Kuroyama will compete with the electric motorcycle in the 2022 FIM Trial World Championship.

The package of the Yamaha TY-E 2.0 looks competent and ready to compete. Hopefully we will see them in dealerships soon, for some seriously silent backyard hooning.

Source: Yamaha Australia