Yamaha’s Super Trick Electric Trials Bike Debuts

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Electric motorcycles continue to gain steam, and slowly we are seeing the Japanese brands embrace this powertrain for their two-wheel vehicle designs.

Today, we have the latest installment of that transition, in the form of the Yamaha TY-E electric trials motorcycle.

That may not sound like the most interesting application of this technology, but Yamaha has put together a very interesting design, and they plan on competing with it in the FIM Trial E-Cup.

Of course the biggest feature is the electric motor system and lithium-ion battery, but Yamaha has included a mechanical clutch as well, to help modulate the power, along with a carbon composite monocoque frame (CFRP), which helps lower the overall vehicle weight below 150 lbs (70kg).

The weight figure is intriguing, because it might be the first time that an electric motorcycle quotes a weight significantly lighter than its internal combustion counterpart – of note, the Montesa Cota 300RR tips the scales at 162 lbs at the curb.  That’s almost a 10% weight reduction.

The addition of a mechanical clutch and flywheel is also a strong move by Yamaha for its electric trials design, and those elements should make the Yamaha TY-E a very familiar platform to riders – offering the advantages of electric, with the familiarity of thermic engine platforms.

The rest of the kit looks the part as well, which should make the Yamaha TY-E a no-compromises machine for trials riders. As such, it will be interesting to see the response to the Yamaha TY-E.

Hopefully Yamaha releases a more comprehensive spec sheet along with pricing in the near future.

Source: Yamaha