Mavizen TTX02 Becomes a Runner

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After taking the wraps off the Mavizen TTX02 at SEMA this year (we of course spoiled the fun a little bit earlier than that), there was a bit of chatter in the EV community as to why the TTX02 was consistently pictured without its Agni motors hooked up to the battery packs and controllers, and why in the bike’s various public showings it was never fired up for the audience (jump to 4:18).

To us and many others, this meant that the TTX02 had yet to be fully developed before it’s unveiling to the public at SEMA. With claims of a 130mph top speed, and specifications that matched or exceeded the TTXGP winning Team Agni motorcycle, we began to wonder how exactly those figures came to be on a motorcycle that wasn’t actually tested drawing table spec-sheets.

Clearly since that time, Mavizen has been busy in the lab making the TTX02 work. At their UK launch in the Bloomberg building this week, the TTX02 for the first time showed up with its motors connected to leads going underneath the bodywork, along with scrub marks on the tires. Now a couple days after that event the company brings us this video of the bike testing at low-speeds. Video and photos after the jump.

Designed to be a low-cost platform that allows teams to enter the TTXGP racing series (and from the look of the rulebook, the FIM’s e-Power Championship as well), the Mavizen TTX02 is a rolling RC8 chassis with sourced electrical components from various manufacturers.

The goal behind the Mavizen is to bring more teams on the TTXGP grid (conflicts of interest aside), and Zero Motorcycles has already committed to running two TTX02’s in the TTXGP series. According to Neal Saiki, Zero will use their own battery pack and motors, hoping to showcase the company’s IP in these technical areas.

There are rumors out already that two TTX02’s have been sold, we’re not sure if that is including the ones to Zero, or a new buyer. More on that as we get it, and as we learn more about the TTX02’s confirmed technical abilities. Thanks for the tips everyone!

Mavizen TTX02 Unwired:

Mavizen TTX02 Bloomberg UK Launch:

Photos: Nordgrens / CC BY-SA 2.0