Honda Monkey Gets a Five-Speed Gearbox for 2022

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If you are a fan of the Honda Monkey (you should be, the bike is adorable), then we have some good news for you, as the pint-sized dual-sport is getting a welcomed upgrade for the 2022 model year: a five-speed gearbox.

For those following Honda’s miniMoto lineup, the update for the 2022 Honda Monkey shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the Honda Grom got the same treatment last year (and is coming to the USA as a 2022 bike as well).

As such, power has been boosted to just over 9hp, with the wide-ratio five-speed gearbox giving a taller final ratio, and shorter first ratio. This means that the 2022 Honda Monkey should benefit from more grunt off the line and a higher top speed.

The rest of the bike goes largely unchanged from its debut form, which is just fine by us, as the machine harkens back to a fun part of Honda’s past.

Sibling model to the Honda Grom, Honda Trail 125, and Honda Super Cub C125, the Honda Monkey is part of Honda’s small displacement warfare, and has helped the Japanese brand move a considerable number of units in the United States.

Pricing on the 2022 Honda Monkey is set at $4,199 MSRP, and you can get the updated Monkey in either Pearl Black or Banana Yellow.

Source: American Honda