Honda Trail 125 Coming to the USA for 2021

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If you’re in the market for a small-displacement grocery-getter, then we have good news for you, as American Honda has just confirmed that the Honda Trail 125 will be coming to the USA as a 2021 model year machine.

The pint-sized dual-sport(ish) machine has been on the radar for quite some time, ever since a concept of the bike debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019.

Looking production-ready, it seemed like only a matter of time before the CT125 (as it’s called in other parts of the world) showed up on dealer floors. Given the history of the Trail 125 in the United States, the bike was certain to come here as well.

Today, that speculation comes true, as we will see the 2021 Honda Trail 125 arriving on US soil in November, with a price tag of $3,899 MSRP. You can get it in any color, so long as it’s red.

Based on the same 125cc platform that powers the new Super Cub and Monkey, this means a four-speed semi-automatic gearbox that is designed for use both on the road and on two-track type trails.

Retaining its iconic design, we are happy to see this motorcycle live on in Honda’s miniMoto lineup, and expect that the Trail 125 will do well both because of its price point, and because of how the off-road sector is performing right now in the United States.

“When American Honda was established in 1959 and began offering the Honda 50, Idaho dealer Herb Uhl started modifying it for off-road use, resulting in Honda producing the Trail 50,” explains Lee Edmunds, Senior Manager of Powersports Marketing for American Honda.

“That model became ubiquitous in American campgrounds and on motorhome bumpers in the ’60s and ’70s and led to a number of successors.”

“For that reason, the CT brand has a special history with the U.S. market, and it’s great to see it return with the Trail 125 which, like the Super Cub and Monkey, harkens back to a golden era of American motorcycling but with modern technology and reliability.”

Source: American Honda