Good News, The “Honda Trail 125” Is on Its Way

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What something to look forward to once the coronapocalypse is over? Reports from Europe are telling us to expect the Honda CT125 to become a production machine, perhaps as early as the 2021 model year.

For those that missed the bike’s “concept” debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, the machine takes a riff on the old “CT” bikes from the 1960’s and adds a modern touch, as well as the 125cc single-cylinder engine found in the Honda Grom.

Adding a more “off-road” variant of mini-bike to Honda’s lineup of Cubs, Monkeys, and Groms, the “Honda CT125 Hunter Cub” should fit right into the retro-fun scheme that Big Red has been building around this cheap and reliable platform.

If you believe the rumors, we could see the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub make its debut in Japan later this week, with an online unveiling on March 27th.

Will the bike come to the United States? It seems very likely, and we certainly hope so. The bike will very likely be called the Honda Trail 125 for the USA though, in order to build off the history of the Trail 110 model from many years ago.

For a fun fact, this author’s first attempt at riding a motorcycle occurred on an old Honda Trail 110. So, in many ways the model is responsible for the eventual creation of Asphalt & Rubber. Huzzah!

Source: Visordown