Honda Super Cub 125 Finds a Rear Seat for 2022

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Not too many changes are coming to the Honda Super Cub 125 for the 2022 model year, save for one important one: a rear seat.

The addition of a rear seat comes to the European market (no word yet for the North American markets), though the two-up option has been prevalent in Asia already.

The added seat precipitates the for rear footpegs and new suspension settings.

Of course, Honda’s press materials would rather we focus on the changes that mean the most to the brand’s engineers, namely the mechanical bits that allow the Super Cub to keep on selling in the European market.

As such, the marquee change for the 2022 Honda Super Cub 125 is the now Euro5 compliant air-cooled 125cc single-cylinder motor.

The motor has a new intake and exhaust, along with revised ECU settings. With those Euro5 changes, comes a very modest increase in peak power, now rated 9.7hp (7.2 kW), with peak torque rated at 7.7 lbs•ft (10.4 Nm).

Though those changes are hard to spot visually, the 2022 model year does have one obvious change, in the matte gray paint scheme, which is accented by the Super Cub’s red seats.

Honda crossed the 100 million units sold threshold for the Super Cub in 2017. We imagine they won’t have any trouble a few more now that the Super Cub is ready for 2022 and onward.

Source: Honda UK