The KTM 390 Adventure Is Finally, Finally Here

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It has taken a long time to wrangle this bike into existence, but the KTM 390 Adventure is officially a thing now and coming in 2020.

I could look back through the pages of Asphalt & Rubber, and see when we first started talking about this small-sized ADV bike, but it would be downright depressing for the Austrian brand. It has been…a while in the making, let’s just say that.

The good news though is that the KTM 390 Adventure arrives with an exclamation point, and it is certain to dominate in markets where the  373cc engine is considered quite large and peppy. It should be fun in the western markets too.

This is because the Austrians have designed the KTM 390 Adventure to be actually taken off-road.

Unlike other bikes in the category (I am looking at you, BMW G310GS, you miserable motorcycle, you), the 2020 KTM 390 Adventure was intended to get dirty, and it was built to haul rider and gear around the world, if necessary.

That is a big promise from the orange & black brand, but it fits in line with the company’s ethos and approach to motorcycles.

The 2020 KTM 390 Adventure isn’t an ADV bike for the sake of having something that looks the part – this KTM looks the part because it actually can do it.

If specs are you thing, the KTM 390 Adventure makes 43hp (32 kW) / 27 lbs•ft (37 Nm) of torque, and tips the scales at 348 lbs (158 kg) without fuel.  Like what you’re reading?

There are other goodies to the package, like the slipper clutch on the motor, and the adjustable (rebound/compression) APEX suspension from WP (6.7″ / 7″ of travel, front and back). In total, there is 200mm of ground clearance – that’s almost 8″ for us Yanks.

KTM didn’t skimp on the electronics either. As such, the 2020 KTM 390 Adventure has standard cornering ABS with off-road mode and traction control (MTS). There is an optional up/down quickshifter as well.

We don’t have word on pricing yet, but we do know that the KTM 390 Adventure will be coming to the USA as a 2020 model. Let there be much rejoicing.

Source: KTM

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