KTM 390 Duke Based Supermoto Spied Testing

12/11/2013 @ 11:14 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


When KTM’s product road map leaked onto the internet, it showed that three small-displacement motorcycles would be built by the Austrian brand (with some help from its Indian shareholder and partner Bajaj). The first of these machines was the KTM 390 Duke and its progeny, and the second of these machines was just released: the KTM RC390 (along with the RC125 & RC200).

A third model was teased on that now infamous powerpoint slide, a bike that was simply labeled as an “Enduro 350” model, though sources since then have described the bike to be more like a supermoto or small adventure bike. It seems today we have our first glimpse of the machine, as a supermoto based off the Duke platform has been spotted in Austria by a forum member at  KTMForum.eu.

Despite sporting a camouflage paint scheme, the machine in question clearly has the baby Duke’s unique swingarm, and the motorcycle shows other features indicative of these small-displacement machine, namely the single disc for the front brakes.

The stance of the supermoto is clearly taller than the KTM 390 Duke, and the suspension travel is clearly greater as well. This test mule sports a more standard style side-can exhaust, which is a bit of a departure for KTM from the previous Duke models. This could be to help facilitate the necessary ground clearance on the production machine, or could just be indicative of the test mule’s unfinished state.

We can likely expect to see this “Enduro” break cover next year, as a 2015 model, with a potential arrival in the United States sometime in 2025-ish.

Source: KTMForum.eu

  • Wow!

    This sure get’s my heart racing!

    Now only if KTM prices this right & Launches it pronto!

  • jeff_williams

    I love my DRZ but I’d love a more modern SM with more power than a 250 but less maintenance than the 450s. Maybe this will be my next bike.

  • j_marshall

    “We can likely expect to see this “Enduro” break cover next year, as a 2015 model, with a potential arrival in the United States sometime in 2025-ish.”

    Love how you snuck that in at the end, choked a little on my coffee.

  • RD350

    yes yes yes

  • webbiker

    Is that a 19″ front?

  • BBQdog

    Seat hight 120cm ??? Ladder included.
    Am so happy my Duke 390 isn’t that high.

  • JAY

    man that thing looks sweet! GIMMIE

  • terpinator

    If this is what KTM meant by “Enduro 350” this is a huge disappointment. I was really hoping it would be a small displacement adventure bike. I guess I’ll take solace in the fact that it will probably never make it to the US anyway.

  • paulus

    KTM already have a great 350cc enduro (KTM350EXC)… a real enduro weapon
    This would be a budget, dirt styled variation of the duke/RC. More like Versys/ER6 range