Yamaha’s 2011 MotoGP Livery Unveiling

02/21/2011 @ 2:11 am, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS

Yup, it’s official folks: Yamaha will run without a title sponsor for the 2011 MotoGP season (at least initially), as the team’s official race livery was unveiled at Sepang today (actually, we’re releasing these photos ahead of the official announcement, so in a way this post is coming from the future), along with the official unveiling of the 2011 Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP race bike.

Trading a corporate sponsor for a “50th Year in Road Racing Championship Grand Prix” emblem, Yamaha has seemingly been unable to woo a title backer onto its carbon fiber fairings after Fiat’s departure, despite winning the team, rider, and manufacturer Championships in the 2010 season. Check out the full gallery after the jump.

Today’s announcement speaks not only a tremendous volume about the economic climate around MotoGP and motorcycling as a whole, but also about where the star power currently resides in the MotoGP World Championship. While Yamaha has struggled to patch together a variety of sponsors, obviously the lack of a title sponsorship has dominated the news.

Contrast this result with Ducati, whose retention of Valentino Rossi’s services has lead to a plethora of deals directly with the Ducati Corse crew (here & here), but also other corporate dealings have likely been helped by the Italian Duo’s synergistic relationship.

2011 Yamaha MotoGP Team Structure & Livery:

2011 Yamaha MotoGP Team – Jorge Lorenzo & Ben Spies

2011 Yamaha MotoGP Team – Jorge Lorenzo

2011 Yamaha MotoGP Team – Ben Spies

Source: Yamaha Racing


  1. doug says:

    Bikes look great, but those poses look like a high school seniors photos.. geez… corny at best.

  2. hangjebat says:

    no title sponsor????what??????…i feel sorry for lorenzo….he should not be entertain like this as world champion 2010….

    PETRONAS only give a small contribution i believe…poor them…they doesn’t want to take advantage of this situation with being the main title sponsor of the team but only take role as small player…big company but very small money…hey wake up la……..give full support la for motogp….be a huge player not as an injured one….

  3. BikePilot says:

    The guy on the left has a big X on his head…

  4. hangjebat says:

    the blue color make the bike looks not nice, …..they shoul use other blue

  5. hangjebat says:

    doug…..hahahaaha…..funny…Yamaha M1 look great in Rossi’s hand…he left, the bike back to the era when M1 started races in motogp…back to ugly faces

  6. hangjebat says:

    jim race who?

  7. GranitKD says:

    how about posting the RIGHT pictures for lorenzo instead of Ben spies twice.

  8. Andrey says:

    Stop the presses! …….. Ben Spies smiled!!!!! OMG

  9. Other Sean says:

    Ben looks dreamy with some hair on his head. And even their helmets are similar. What a pair!

  10. Faster1 says:

    Please hang- You must be new (or 12) if you don’t know who the well-informed jim race!

    The Yami has the best title sponsor on the grid,,,, YAMAHA. nothing to apologize for !

  11. Jim Race says:

    RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Yamaha's 2011 MotoGP Livery Unveiling – http://aspha.lt/ay #motorcycle

  12. @tobymoody They don't have a title sponsor http://bit.ly/i1nJ7u Corporate sponsorship better than being underpaid by a title sponsor?

  13. #MotoGP RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Yamaha's 2011 MotoGP Livery Unveiling http://bit.ly/ecFCbo

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  15. RT @MotoRaceFeed: #MotoGP RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Yamaha's 2011 MotoGP Livery Unveiling http://bit.ly/ecFCbo

  16. RT @motomatters: A&R Get the scoop: RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Yamaha's 2011 MotoGP Livery Unveiling – http://aspha.lt/ay #motorcycle

  17. Shawn King says:

    RT @motomatters: A&R Get the scoop: RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Yamaha's 2011 MotoGP Livery Unveiling – http://aspha.lt/ay #motorcycle

  18. login says:

    no more championship for Yamaha this year and beyond……….and they back to dark ages….where Yamaha are only be there to make crowd…

  19. Dr. Gellar says:

    I actually like this livery a lot better than any of the FIAT Yamaha paint-jobs of the last few years. Never did like those much. Also, it is an interesting contrast to Ducati’s 2011 livery….cool and subtle vs. bright and aggressive.

  20. Westward says:

    The liveries look awesome, not much to criticise. Would have like to see light blue of Spies’s liveries have the same colour dispersion as Lorenzo’s red…

    Even like the greyed out star on Spies’s helmet…

  21. Vmax says:

    Really like the new Yamaha colours, brings back the days when racing was about man and machine as a team and not corporate sponsorship money!
    I remember the time when Abe rode the GP bike right after Rainey’s (Marlboro left) during the early nineties, Yamaha racing blocks with red white and black livery… cool.
    I’ll be looking for the 1:18 scale models to add to my collection, these will be my favorites!