Cigarette Racing 42X Ducati Edition Racing Boat

02/17/2011 @ 9:52 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

It seems Ducati is willing to put its label on just about anything these days, boats being no exception. And when this press release hit our inbox this morning phrases like “you’ve gotta be f*ing kidding me!” echoed off the walls of our still unfurnished office. But in all honesty when we opened the email and saw pictures of the red & white Cigarette Racing boat, we perhaps regretted our initial impression.

Straight out of a Miami Vice episode, the 42′ hull of the Cigarette Racing 42X Ducati Edition Racing Boat is pure white with red accents and Ducati logos. We’re not that into the ocean boat racing thing, but boy have they come a long way from what little of the 1980’s we remember. While we’d probably never own such an impractical machine (motorboats are cheating anyways), we certainly wouldn’t turn down a chance to romp around for a day in this 42X Ducati Edition speed machine, what with its dual 1,100hp Mercury Racing engines (that’s 2,200hp for the mathematically challenged).

Other specifics are a specially designed JL audio package (we’d be singing “I’m on a Boat” the entire time on it), an 8′ beam, and a top speed of 120+ mph…that number is not a typo. Cigarette Racing will be showing off the 42X Ducati Edition Racing Boat at the team’s “Ménage of Motorsports” at the Miami International Boat Show. We’re not sure what that is, but it sounds messy.

This partnership seems to be one of many forthcoming ventures for Ducati with similar performance/luxury brands in different markets, having recently partnered with Mercedes-Benz tuning arm AMG & Diesel. Hoping to capitalize on each brand’s core demographic and expand their reach seems to be the order of the day for the Italian brand and its cohorts. Rumors that Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden will skipper a pair of Cigarette boats to Phillip Island later this year have been fabricated by bloggers looking for more content filler. Let the smoking-related jokes abound in the comments.

Source: Cigarette Racing & Ducati

  • Baldy bonce

    worth a few pennies that

  • Other Sean

    I’ll bet regular folks in Rhwanda would think my 848 is as rediculous and impractical as I think this boat is. So I guess I shouldn’t hate, it’s just how much money you have to waste/enjoy.

  • BikePilot

    That’s one classy looking boat! Wonder what it’d be like to ski behind it =p

  • John

    Ducati figured out a way to make the Diavel look slim, by taking its picture in front of a 42′ boat.

  • Willy

    Ducati has always teamed with premium brands can make sense for a company in the right market position. Also not surprising if you are aware of the CEO’s previous position!

  • Monk

    @ BikePilot: “Wonder what it’d be like to ski behind it”



  • Monk

    Grrr… That didn’t work… :(

    Body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ARMS

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  • MikeD

    @ John: LMAO.

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  • MikeD

    Does anyone have a clue as to what kind of power(Brand Name) are they using ? All it says on it’s website is that this is a “120mph Package”… 2200HP Total… Twin Snails on each engine… on a 42 footer…

    I HATE being POOR.

    (-_- )’

  • Jensen Beeler


    “we certainly wouldn’t turn down a chance to romp around for a day in this 42X Ducati Edition speed machine, what with its dual 1,100hp Mercury Racing engines (that’s 2,200hp for the mathematically challenged).”

  • MikeD

    @ Jensen:

    No, that’s just rebadge work from Mercury Racing, have always done it.
    What i was referring to was as to ” WHO ” (GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, etc) is supliying Mercury Racing” their engines ?
    I went to their website and under power these “new” powerplants don’t show up.
    What they are currently using is the latest BBC from GM with good old fashion PushRods while the ones on the “Ducati Boat” are using Belt Driven DOHCs and look to have a fairly modern HEAD architecture.

    OutDated NorthStar Engines ? NAH, it couldn’t be. 4.6L couldn’t possibly put 1100 hp at WOT all day long and still remain in one piece…can it ?

  • MikeD

    Let me fix fix something. What “seems to look like” Belt Driven, as i have nothing solid to completely be sure it’s a Belt but the looks of it.
    If it were to be Belt Driven the Caddy engine theory is out cause it was chain driven.

  • Jensen Beeler

    Ah, I’m only familiar with their outboards.