Bad news from the World Superbike Championship paddock, as the Russian round, which was scheduled to be held at Moscow Raceway on September 21st 2014, has been cancelled because of concerns stemming from the Russian/Ukrainian situation along the Crimean peninsula.

Promoters DWO and YMS Promotion declared that, “the current political situation affects the capabilities of a number of key partner companies essential to run the event. Parties regret the decision, but are confident that the strong partnership between DWO and YMS Promotion will prevail.”

The intention, at this point, is for WSBK to return to Russia for 2015, where the race will be held at the Moscow Speedway through the remainder of the contract through 2020. Hopefully by next year the political situation will be resolved, and this plan will be the case.

Source: WorldSBK

  • Gutterslob

    No difference. Putin could just “land grab” one of the EU countries where WSBK rounds are staged. No one’s gonna stop him anyway – if they did, they’d find themselves without heating come next winter.

  • meatspin

    what parties are these? The track itself is nowhere near Crimea.

  • My understanding is that key operations people for the Moscow circuit live in Crimea, and thus cannot attend.

  • mxs

    Really? The key operations people for the Moscow circuit live in Crimea and cannot attend?? That’s the russian way to play media. It will be the last reason on earth ….. with all the oligarchs, billionaires who are most likely behind the race and they cannot travel out of Crimea?? I can think of million reasons why the race should not be on, this one would not even come up on the radar ….

  • Gonzo

    I love the fact that you picked a picture of the race version of my bike, but why? Those pussies pulled out of all racing so they could line their board’s pockets with more money.

  • smiler

    Good thing too but does it give Dorna an excuse to put another round in Spain?