Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 256 – Interview with Neil Hodgson

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Episode 256 of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out, and this one sees us talking to former WorldSBK Champion Neil Hodgson.

On the mics previewing the interview, we have Steve EnglishDavid Emmett, Neil Morrison, and Adam Wheeler, as they catch up on recent events, and talk a bit about Hodgson’s career and perspective as a racer.

One item of interest is the new Stark electric dirt bike, as well as David revealing the bike he finally bought, and news that Neil will finally be getting his motorcycle license.

Getting into the interview, Steve catches up with Hodgey, and talks a bit about the WorldSBK season and other perspectives from the superbike champion.

They start with a brief conversation about how golf is helpful to motorcycle racers, before getting into the 2021 WorldSBK season and the Toprak vs. Rea battle.

Hodgson also gives his insights into this year’s MotoGP Championship season. He talks for a while about the absence of Marc Marquez, and whether the Spaniard will ever come back to his former self after this year’s injuries.

There is also some talk of Valentino Rossi’s final season, and what the Italian has done for the MotoGP Championship.

The interview finishes with a discussion about what racers do once they retire, and how they continue to fuel those competitive impulses.

As always, the conversation is insightful and lively, and adds another dimension to what goes on in the paddock.

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