WSBK Announces Tender Offer for Spec-Tire Supplier

07/29/2014 @ 10:31 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


World Superbike’s spec-tire contract with Pirelli comes to a conclusion after the 2015 season, and as such the Dorna WSBK Organization, in agreement with the FIM, has announced that it is taking bids from companies who are willing to be the sole-tire supplier of the World Superbike Championship from 2016 onwards. Interested parties will have to contact Gregorio Lavilla, the WSBK Sporting Director, and have their offers in by August 25th.

So far, no manufacturer has been hotly linked to takeover the spec-tire duties, so it’s possible that Pirelli could remain in the WSBK fray. With MotoGP set to have Michelin take over as its spec-tire supplier in 2016 as well, it is interesting to see the tire contracts for the two top international motorcycle racing series expiring as both series make sweeping rule changes.

Whomever takes over the World Superbike tire contract, they will have to build a tire around what is now the EVO spec of machinery, which will have less horsepower than the current crop of superbikes, and thus have different tire demands.

Source: WorldSBK

  • ksw

    Gregorio Lavilla, if you’re reading this blog

    Tires aren’t the reason either Dorna owned series isn’t fun to watch. Now, forget tires and put the bikes together from the two series that can compete, together.

    I don’t care about tires I care about competitive racing and having multiple class bikes racing together on the same track with different speeds, specs etc isn’t motorcycle racing it’s the LeMans endurance series for cars.

  • MikeG81

    Since Dorna is shifting WSBK more to a ‘production’ footing by limiting engine tuning(like most road riders; very little engine tuning takes place beyond a pipe and Power Commander, but lots throw a fork piston kit and aftermarket shock at their bikes), they should just go production in terms of tires. Unlike over ten years ago when the idea surfaced, treaded ‘hypersport’ tires of today can more than cope with limited-engine-tuning outputs of todays litre bikes.

    Ditch ‘control’ tires, run supersport DOT tires from all the manufacturers. Tires have to be made available to everyone; ie over-the-counter. Everyone, including road riders, will benefit from the renewed competition and research.

  • coreyvwc

    @ksw So you want to see 2nd tier bikes and 2nd tier riders competing heads up with 1st tier bikes and 1st tier riders? The gap between the big teams and small teams is bad enough, but mixing up prototypes and production bikes would be ludicrous… Without any kind of specification or formula there would be 300mph Hondas and then just everyone else.

  • ksw


    No I want equal bikes on track. MGP now is the top factories then all the rest. Moto2 is at least competitive and worth the time. Moto3 should be at the CEV, BSB, AMA level, sorry Moto3. I don’t think Dorna should be owning or running WSBK. It dilutes the whole big pie. Combine WSBK/MGP with all the best and the rest go to the national series like those mentioned above. The current scheme is bankrupting tracks, governments (tax payers in Canada, Indiana, Texas, Argentina and most others are all government subsidized). If I lived in Indiana and they wanted me to pay after my tax dollars just went to the track to pay for there debt for races they can’t afford to have at IMS then too damn bad for IMS. The model is broken and why, no matter how much I love racing, would I want to pay top money to watch 5 bikes at the front some in the middle then the back markers at the MGP level? I accept that at the CEV,BSB, level not at what is supposed to be the best.

  • smiler

    Thank god there are no Spanish tyre manufactuers.

  • copcop

    re: “Tires have to be made available to everyone; ie over-the-counter.”

    There you go: