After a three-year hiatus, the World Superbike Championship is returning to South Africa for the 2014 season. Welkom’s Phakisa Freeway is currently slotted on the provisional calendar to host WSBK on October 19th, assuming the track can pass FIM homologation, and the event organizers, GAS Sports, can secure the necessary finances.

Set to host both the Superbike and Supersport classes, South Africa will be the penultimate round in the 2014 World Superbike Championship. A venue that has provided close racing in the past, Phakisa Freeway is a welcomed addition to WSBK, and helps bring the series out of its European-centric stupor.

“We have signed a Terms of Contract short-form agreement with Dorna, the WSBK Promoters, and will enter into a long-form agreement subject to certain conditions being met,” said Anthony Lauter of GAS Sports.

“We still need to secure the necessary financial guarantees required by Dorna and the Phakisa Freeway must first pass an FIM circuit inspection. We’re confident we will meet these conditions. The race weekend programme will also include World Supersport series and several top South African riders can be expected to be seen in action.”

Adrian Scholtz, CEO, Operations at Motorsport South Africa added that “[the] MSA warmly welcomes the news that the FIM World Superbike Championship could be returning to South African shores in 2014 and extends its congratulations and appreciation to the promoter, GAS Sports.”

“It has been a few years since world championship motorsport was last seen on a South African race circuit and the event will be a welcome shot in the arm for local motorsport.”

Source: WorldSBK

  • smiler

    Both Kyalami and Welkom are welcome additions to the WSBK calendar. odd though as there are very few Spanish people in SA.
    Another good reason to watch WSBK rather than MotoGP next year.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    Good, some diversity… Now, lets get rid of an Italian or Spanish round and put in a Japanese round. I still don’t understand why World Superbikes don’t have a Japanese round. Go back to Sugo or go to Fuji…

  • Norm G.

    re: “Welkom Back…”

    …Kotter. (yes, i’m OG).

    re: “helps bring the series out of its European-centric stupor.”

    it is what it is. Europe goes hard as the “yoots” say. wasn’t until the 21st century, that you could count on MORE than your one hand, the number of venues outside Europe that could pass FIM muster (thank you VR46). guys like Schwantz, Mammola, Roberts will attest… lotta circuits littering the “blue marble”… doesn’t necessarily mean bikes have any business on them.

    re: “assuming the track can pass FIM homologation, and the event organizers, GAS Sports, can secure the necessary finances.”

    everything after but.