World Superbike Finally Gets Online Video Streaming

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I know that I have seen more than a few loyal Asphalt & Rubber readers lament the lack of an online video feed for World Superbike races, and that they hoped that the takeover of the premier production motorcycle racing class by Dorna would add this feature, which is already available with the MotoGP Championship.

Well today, my good friends, that day has come. Dorna has revamped, and with those changes comes the WSBK VideoPass feature.

From the limited description given by World Superbike, the WSBK VideoPass sounds pretty much exactly like its MotoGP counterpart, with video streams from the practice, qualifying, and race sessions being made available, along with exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews.

The catch in the plan is that Dorna says the WSBK VideoPass will be available only in certain countries. Which countries those could be, isn’t clear; though we are waiting to hear back from WSBK about the issue, and whether the USA will have access. Fingers crossed.

Assuming that most markets will have access to the stream, the WSBK VideoPass could be a huge boon for the series, as it will give more markets exposure to what has been great racing thus far in the past seasons — World Superbike does not have a product problem when it comes to fan entertainment.

TV exposure is the lifeblood of professional motorsport, WSBK included, and other motorcycle racing series would do well to understand that more exposure means more eyeballs, and more eyeballs mean more advertising dollars, which in turn means more money in the sport, along with more teams and more riders.

Yes, AMA Pro Road Racing, I’m talking about you here…just so we’re clear here.

Source: WorldSBK