Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team Debuts

02/06/2017 @ 11:05 am, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS

In an airplane hangar in Austria, Honda’s World Superbike team unveiled its wings…that is to say, the Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team debuted in the energy drink’s Hangar-7 facility in Salzburg today.

As the name implies, Red Bull will be the title sponsor for Nicky Hayden’s and Stefan Bradl’s World Superbike title bid this year, on the updated 2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP2.

This is the first time that Red Bull has been a title sponsor in the WorldSBK paddock, though the energy drink company’s livery can be seen on variety of bodywork throughout motorsport.

“It’s a new year with a new bike, new title partner and new teammate, so there are definitely many changes ahead and a lot of things to look forward to,” said former MotoGP Champion Nicky Hayden. “This is my second year in World Superbike so I hope to take the experience I made last year and take it up to the next level.”

“I’m really glad to get back together with Red Bull, who I have represented in the past, and it’s a great opportunity for me. We have to focus now on the job ahead and work as hard as we can in order to be ready for the season opener. The level of the competition is higher than ever and we have a big job ahead of us, but everybody is really motivated and I cannot wait to get started.”

Joining Nicky Hayden in the garage is former Moto2 Champion, Stefan Bradl. “I’m really looking forward to the new season! It’s a whole new experience for me, and a new championship where I’ve never raced before.”

“It’s going to be a very interesting partnership with Honda and Red Bull, which is undoubtedly an amazing brand, and one that has been supporting me for my whole racing career. I’m really happy to be a Red Bull athlete and even happier now that it has also become the team’s title partner,” continued Bradl.

“We have the chance to represent the brand in each and every event all around the world, so I’m really excited about that. We have a new Fireblade for the season, so it will take a little bit of time to dial it in but we’ll do our best to take it to the top as soon as possible. All in all it’s a great project and step by step we will make it a successful one.”

Source: Honda Pro Racing

  • Sam Miller

    Who’s the title sponsor again? It’s hard to tell looking at the bikes. LOL

  • I dunno, but it’s going to be awkward looking when the rider is on the bike…

  • Superhawk

    That’s what you do when there is one sponsor… LOL… But it’s good to see something on there for sure… Means NH will also get a free Red Bull water bottle as well.


    Oh bully! Those new graphics are bold!

  • Michael

    I just hope this gives them the resources they need to properly develop the bike. They are way behind at the moment

  • keithfinnie

    Good luck to Nicky and Stefan!

  • Jon B.

    cannot unsee.

  • irksome

    Dibs on the first “Guy from KY making sweet sweet love to a cow” joke.
    It’s okay, I’m Scottish AND I’ve lived in NH (we invented toothpaste; anywhere else, they’d have called it teethpaste…).

  • Ryan Donahue

    Wow, that’s a lot of yellow. I guess it’ll be easy to spot on track. Too soon to also say, “Or just look for the guy in a compromising position with a bull” joke?

  • MotoBell

    .or it can be pretty attractive on TV…remember seeing redbull LCR Honda and Bradl and thinking it will not work.. but I think it was one the best striking color combos ever… ok this redbull honda is even more extreme

  • MikeD

    Not bad…and that’s coming from a regular Honda Hater. Although i can’t help think KTM everytime i see Red Bull.

  • paulus

    “Riding the bull” … perhaps an attempt to bring whole new demographic of viewers.

  • tyleralderiondurden

    what’s with these lower braces swing arms?
    upper braces on stock zx10/cbr1000/r1/s1000 and then…
    like ‘nah you’re not good enough to have these parts’

  • tyleralderiondurden

    do like the colors, dont care much about energy drinks but i like red bull’s blue than monsters’ green/black.
    not really i just hate that m logo


    Wonder why they didnt use Brembo’s. Tockico on the base, Brembo’s on the SP & SP2, but Nissin on their WSBK? Is it just a sponsorship thing or preference?

  • Sam Miller

    Just got this….lol

  • paulus

    Honda owns Nissin. For High end Mass market they know the customers demand Brembo’s… but for their own team racing, they try to run Nissin’s. Maybe when the markets associate Nissin with highest level racing end users might be tempted with Nissin equipped OEM bikes vs Brembo ones.

  • Chocodog

    Looks good to me. Is Ten Kate still building the bike?

  • Paulo Rosas

    That’s a lot of “advertising” and little “racing livery” design.

  • Nick Moore

    I have no reason to doubt this but is this really true?

  • MM

    Yes. See: HRC forcing Gresini to run Nissin brakes on Bautista’s RCV

  • paulus

    Ownership – 34.7% and the biggest shareholder

    Racing usage – you have to ask the teams ;-)

  • Lotsakak

    I’m keen to see Bradl on this thing (and if it can finally keep up with the Kawa’s).
    That other guy will probably help him with data and stuff, but Bradl should be quick!