The big news out of the World Superbike paddock this weekend is that MV Agusta and Yakhnich Motorsport have parted ways. Depending on whose side of the story you want to believe, either MV Agusta has decided to bring its racing in-house mid-season, or Alexander Yakhnich became tired of the slow development from MV Agusta’s racing platforms, especially the MV Agusta F4RR.

Regardless of that, MV Agusta and Yakhnich Motorsport have signed an agreement that sees MV Agusta taking over the Italian brand’s racing efforts in WSS and WSBK. The move is effective immediately, meaning Sunday’s races at Misano will show the first fruits of MV Agusta’s involvement.

MV Agusta will retained the services of Claudio Corti and Jules Cluzel for the 2015 season; and for WSS at Misano, Cluzel will be joined by wild card rider Massimo Roccoli. Russian rider Vladimir Leonov will not be on an MV Agusta, as he is signed to Yakhnich Motorsport.

“We have reached some very important milestones with the F3 in the World Supersport Championship and we are continuing to invest in the development of the F4 Superbike with preparing for the new 2015 rules” said MV Agusta CEO Giovanni Castiglioni “We plan to significantly increase our commitment and investment in racing in order to achieve our very ambitious goals next season.”

While the MV Agusta F3 has proven itself to be a contender in World Supesport (Cluzel currently sits second in the WSS standings), the MV Agusta F4RR has lived up to its reputation as a difficult track machine. It will be interesting to see how MV Agusta progresses in WSBK as a pure factory effort, and how the Italian brand will fix its ailing superbike.

For its troubles, Yakhnich Motorsport is widely tipped to spearhead Yamaha’s return to the WSBK Championship for the 2015 season. The move should be an easy one for the Russian outfit, as Yamaha is said to be debuting a new Yamaha YZF-R1 later this year — likely with a three-cylinder configuration.

Source: MV Agusta

  • BBQdog

    Well, Clusel won the SS600 on the MV Agusta F3. Nice bike.

  • ReflectiveBelts

    Has Yamaha confirmed a new R1 or is just the usual rumors?

  • Rumor, but I’ve had a few sources talk about it now. I’d do an article on it, if it wasn’t just rehashing what’s already been said.

  • ReflectiveBelts

    Fair enough. Thanks for the response.

  • Damn

    rumor or not it TIME for honda and Yamaha to bring a new superbike!!!
    This is taking ages!!!!

  • Jordan

    Yaknich had a good run on their R6 last year when they won the WSS championship, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them help spearhead Yamaha’s return to WSBK. I think Sam was smart to bug out when Yaknich announced they would be running the MV last year. It’s a good bike, but I don’t think Lowes cared anything for helping develop the F3 in such a strong field of competitors. He may be tempted back as the lead rider on a next generation Yamaha liter bike alongside Josh Herrin.

    I’m a little skeptical of the R1 being a triple, though. I thought Yamaha reps were denying the possible three cylinder layout because they wanted to keep the four cylinder connection to their R models and the other configurations left to favor street oriented bikes with their FZ/MT line up. If anything, I was expecting the next Yamaha superbike to carry over the crossplane engine (maybe re position the balance shaft like the MV three cylinder and utilize a counter rotating crank?) with a few more trick suspension bits, an updated chasis, a slim exhaust like what’s tested on the M1 recently, and an electronic suite to rival the BMW. It’s a formula that has enough techno-wizardry to suit Yamaha’s taste that they’re known for and would get them on par with the tip of the spear at the moment as far as the class leader is concerned.

  • Gonzo

    At Last! A story NOT about that dumbass harley electric bike!!!

  • Mormont

    Has the FIM homologated 1100cc for a 3 cylinder superbike? Can’t see it being competitive at 1000cc.

  • Damn

    Why Mormont?
    kawa just took another double double 1-2 1-2 or do they have a twin?

  • Mike


    Kawi uses 4 cylinders, which are generally known to have more hp/cc than 3 cyl and twins. Which is why in the SS class triples are allowed a higher capacity than 4 cyl and twins are allowed the highest capacity.

  • It would have 1,100cc of engine capacity.