beIN Sports to Continue Televising WSBK thru 2015

05/19/2014 @ 12:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


World Superbike fans may, or may not, be pleased to hear that beIN Sports will continue televising WSBK for the American market, through the 2015 season.

As was the case previously, beIN Sports will continue as the sole-television provider for the American and Canadian television markets, while the beIN Sports online streaming service will operate alongside World Superbike’s own internet property.

A lesser known fact, beIN Sports will also continue providing WSBK coverage for the North African and Middle East countries, should your travels take you there as well. A full listing of TV providers for the World Superbike Championship is below:

  • USA&CANADA – beIN Sports
  • LATIN AMERICA – Fox Sports Latin America
  • BRAZIL – ESPN Brazil
  • UK – British Eurosport & Channel 4
  • SPAIN – TeleDeporte
  • ITALY – Mediaset
  • PAN-AFRICA – SuperSprot Mnet
  • CHINA – Chong Qing
  • JAPAN – J Sports
  • PAN-ASIA – FOX Sports

Source: WorldSBK

  • TheSeaward

    Is WSBK still being broadcast live on beIN’s website or has Dorna taken that away with the new pay wall? I have the MotoGP videopass, but I have a hard time justifying two expensive subscriptions.

  • Highside Specialist

    I have a MotoGP pass – Great money spent, and to watch WSBK, I picked up a subscription to BeIn Sports. I’m happy with BiIn sports, but don’t know what’s up with Dorna and their broadcast standards. Its FAR from HD. I can’t really even tell the colors of the bikes apart, aside from numbers and riders, unless it’s a close up. Dorna needs to step up their broadcast quality fast. I’m going to cancel my BeIn subscript because I have no use for it otherwise.

  • Andres

    Pay for WSBK, MM is going to win the championship for MotoGP this year. Money better spent with WSBK.

  • ADG

    Nothing to do with this, but I had a 13″ color TV like the one in the pic until ’84. LOL!

  • Highside Specialist

    Yeah, but VR46 is killing it!
    AND, while its true MM is on fire right now, rather than decide it’s boring, I’d rather take the angle of it being a privilege to watch the making of a legend in real time.

  • Gritboy

    BeIN is doing a good job, including showing the post-race formalities. I’m fine with them continuing, but if Dorna would make a video pass that gave me MotoGP and WSBK in one “fair” price, I’d do that.

  • BBQ

    @Highside Specialist: the video quality is really OK, here in Europe we watch it for some
    years already in 1080i. It must be your provider that does downscaling and low bitrates.

  • zipidachimp

    SPEEDTV inn canada is carrying Moto GP+2&3 at ungodly hours, nobody carries WSBK. rats!

  • Joe Sixpack

    I’ll say it: beINsports is awful. The website is awful to navigate; it’s like it’s done by high schoolers.

    It’s part of Dorna’s plan to kill WSBK.

  • JoeD

    less costly to join WSB and video pass than subscribe to BeIN. MotoGP for next year as well. All could change with the just announced ATT-Directv merger. All of this is better than our 4 channels of broadcast tv from the 60’s though.

  • CB

    What is this SBK you speak of? Is it similar to the legend of AMA racing in the US?

    Dorma best be careful or GP is next.

    Sadly, FOX1 / SPEEDTV does not care for SBK, AMA, or it seems, even GP. Missed Le Mans for a replay of some NASCAR race.