Aaron Yates and Geoff May to Race in WSBK with EBR

12/05/2013 @ 2:20 pm, by Jensen Beeler35 COMMENTS


In October when Erik Buell Racing announced that it would be making the move into the World Superbike Championship, the American sport bike company wasn’t saying much about its racing program.

Geoff May soon intoned his participation with the team, confirming his presence in WSBK to Greg White on Greg’s Garage, though May’s teammate was unknown at the time.

That mystery seems to be over, as World Superbike media front-man Michael Hill has released a list of confirmed entries for the 2014 World Superbike season, with Yate’s and May’s names listed for the Erik Buell Racing entry.

The news shouldn’t be terribly surprising to race fans, as Erik Buell Racing had been tipped to keep its all-American lineup as it stepped onto the world stage in WSBK. With an American team and two American riders in the series now, hopefully the premier production motorcycle racing series will have some more appeal to American viewers — something the World Superbike Championship needs desperately.

What remains to be seen is how the EBR 1190RX will go against the top production bikes from Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, and Suzuki. Despite AMA Pro Racing’s recent proposal for rule changes, Erik Buell Racing is still moving into a championship with a very different rules package — one that isn’t terribly friendly to two-cylinder engines.

Also it will be interesting to see if Erik Buell Racing will continue to field a squad in AMA Pro Road Racing, now that its A-team is departing for World Superbike. Or, if like Michael Jordan Motorsports, EBR is just another defection from the American racing series.

Source: Michael Hill Promotions (Facebook)

  • Bill

    Very cool. I doubt they will run AMA now. Yamaha needs to pip Graves to run it’s WSBK operation and head there this year.

  • TexusTim

    okay..aron is friggin 42 and finished 8th this year may is younger but finished 9th..this is a winning combination in world superbike? pardon me but this is not a winning combination. more like a way to sell more bikes before buell falls on its ass again..sorry but this guy just cant get it right. he gobbles up partners money chassing things without the right bike or formula.

  • Bill

    Who’s money did he gobble up exactly? HD? Not exactly, they limited his designs, distribution, and creativity by making him use HD motors until the very end. When he finally built the 1125 they shut him down. Different bike than last year, different rules, and frankly a more fair formula. Will they win, probably not next year. Last year they gave up power everywhere to the inline 4s. This years bike if it makes anywhere the published numbers will not have that issue.

  • TexusTim

    um everyone he come into contact with man..just look at the whole picture..his history and all the P.O.S. sitting in peoples garage’s there investers too ya know?

  • Grant Crandall

    1. IF we can watch it on TV, life will be good

    2. So much for Texicans flying our flag.

  • Anvil

    Tim, this year is almost certainly a development year for EBR as they’re running in the EVO class. Next year, all teams will run EVO spec. May has been the development rider since almost the beginning of EBR, so that makes some sense. I would have liked to see them pull in a young rider from the AMA as May’s team mate, since there are a few with some real talent, but I’ll assume Yates is there for his experience.

    Next year, I would expect a more concerted effort to get towards the sharp end.

  • TexusTim

    dont you think they tried for that? they may have even aproched hayden but no one is going for it but these two…mays may get some top tens . but I do not think they will be a threat or there for very long…sorry i’ve seen this movie before..I’m not hating them as some may think, just being direct to the bone.

  • ircsmith

    Hey…..I love my POS (aka Buell) Eric may have missed the mark a few times but never gobbled up money for some scam. have to some what agree on the riders. dont get me wrong I like May and Yates. Yates can be a bit of a poor looser at times but he can ride.
    I plan to watch and hope for the best.

  • Zach

    Is the AARP sponsoring the team? Why wouldn’t they go after young talent?

  • Frank

    Holy f@*k Tim… drink a beer and recline. Erik Buell is an American genius. Like his quirky designs or not, he IS American sport bikes. I for one am stoked to see an American sport bike on the world stage. On the street, on the race track… whatever. The more the merrier. Drop the negativity. EBR might not land a single point next year, but to start in the EVO class when the entire series is headed in that direction is the smartest, if not only way in.

    If I remember correctly from your previous posts, you’ve watched for Aprilia’s return to MotoGP, applauded Suzuki’s efforts to return… more manufacturer’s right…? EBR a little too close to home? It’s good to be Ameri-critical but give me a break. More manufacturers only encourages competition and ultimately that benefits us as fans and consumers. Plus, an American platform in WSBK might give the young American talent a gateway to the world stage in the near future. Cameron Beaubier anyone…? Do I want to see him on an EBR WSBK? No. I’d rather him on a Moto2 bike, but hey – I’ll take what I can get if it means getting out talent out into the world. Open your mind and take a deep breathe. It’s the offseason. We can get harsh when the racing starts…

  • Norm G.

    re: “Why wouldn’t they go after young talent?”

    prolly will when he’s ready. right now sorting the kit is job #1. can sort the humans later.


  • TexusTim

    okay had a beer im sorry…i am a good american?

  • smiler

    So glad Buell has recovered from being sat on by the leather chrome and Iron clad old aged pensioner that Harley is. In fact both MV and Buell seem to have become better companies and both will be racing in WSBK.

    Yet again WSBK will be the place to go in order to see great racing and many manufactuers with riders from countries other than Spain.

  • Steve

    would have liked to see Danny Eslick over there mixing it up with them!

  • philly phil

    This is great! i now have another team to root for. I’ve always been an Yates fan, and I’m ambivalent about Buells but, i can root for this team.. Especially since we have no idea how ducati will be next year.
    I’m always happy to see new manufacturers enter the WSBK. I find it way better than MotoGP, i jus wish they’d up their video production efforts and get it on channel that doesn’t require a sports package for cable.

  • Gabe

    I don’t think they will be competitive right out of the gate, but they will improve over the year. Similar to what happened at Macau GP (the EBRs didn’t qualify so well, but gained a good amount of places over the race.)

    Looking at TexusTim’s writing makes me think he was a “child left behind” by the educational system.

  • KSW


    EBR is Hero from India. EBR will do as much to promote Hero here in the states as world wide. I can’t wrap my head around Yates but at least Geoff is being rewarded for years of dutiful hard work for the boss. WSBK has no fans in the stands anywhere and I still believe Dorna should scrap it and let the best teams and limited money that can’t replace teams in a newly structured MGP go to the national “Feeder” series.


    Yep, Graves is one of the best team organizations out there it seems there team from top to bottom is certainly capable of doing on the world stage what they’ve done in the U.S.

    On aged racers, Josh Hayes was doing the fastest night laps at the 24 Hours of Le Mans before the yamaha broke. Faster than the much younger than 40 racers on track.

  • ircsmith

    Maybe Yates is there because he has slung a leg over may types of machinery over the years. his input/comparisons should be useful.

    besides his antics should keep it interesting.

  • sideswipeasaurus

    I think this is great news! Yes they’re going to be lost in the pack at best for many reasons pointed out by others but they will be there. I’ll have to root for them for a good number of reasons.
    1. Another brand in the series and one that isn’t Japanese or European. Adds more world to World Championship.
    2. Serious underdog. This is one guy’s company and design. This is the only bike they make right now. They’re all about sport and racing. They traded some development help to Hero for a little money to help them be something other than a garage outfit turning out bikes but they are a far cry from a factory manufacturer
    3. It’s a big booming Austrian Vtwin in an American chassis. Who doesn’t want to see that?

    Big up to EBR for wading into the deep end. I’m sure they are under no illusions. They’re going to get creamed but will learn a lot. That’s probably reflected in their rider line up. They’re in no position yet to poach some hotshot young euro dwarf GP refugee. That kind of rider might just be wasted on them at this point and only frustrate a rider looking to win. They have what they need. Good, dependable riders who they can communicate with and develop the bike.
    Go EBR!

  • Looter

    The more the merrier I say! It’ll be interesting to see how both MV Augusta and EBR develop during the season.

  • skellington

    How will EBR ever meet the minimum production requirements? I guess the same way MV /Aprilla will, exception to the rules. Seems SBK can bend the rules whichever they want anyway.

    Glad to see them giving it go !

  • Norm G.

    re: “How will EBR ever meet the minimum production requirements?”

    walk in the park Kazanski.

    as someone indicated (post $25million dollar investment), EBR is but the “race face” for India’s Hero.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Graves is one of the best team organizations out there it seems there team from top to bottom is certainly capable of doing on the world stage what they’ve done in the U.S.”

    and what of kit capability under austerity rules…? WSBK (Welfare Super BiKe) unfortunately makes all that a non-starter.


  • TexusTim

    gabe…fook you!! I may be dyslctic but I dont take shots like that at members here on this blog…there is allways some asswipe like you that has to take a shot at me because I mispell or invert words…hate on crybaby hate on like the worls hasn got enouhg of you yet.

  • Jd

    US needs a miracle manufacture to ever win a company whos passion outweighs the cost which at the same time has a product that brings in profits. Buell has passion but no profits.. I wish someone like Apple would do something crazy like that. Ducat:Radios, Yamaha:Pianos, Suzuki:textile machines. My info my be inaccurate but certainly they started not as moto-manu

    one man against the world= tough job

  • KenRaleligh

    Congrats to Aaron, Geoff and EBR!! It’ll be great to see you guys tearing it up in WSB. As a new team, you can relax and let it all hang out!

    Mr. Buell, please build a sport-tourer for us older guys!

  • Craig

    I’m glad to see it and you know… It would have been nice to see someone younger, but this is not cheap racing and I’m sure Aaron is doing this with full pay for the ride, but little $$ in his pocket. May is a great rider on it for sure, but him and Yates were always Nose to Tail last year so we’ll see how things go.

    Danny was the only one that just rode it like he stole it and got the results, but he must still be hoping for a GSXR with MJ Logos on it for Christmas… we’ll see!

    Other than OUR wishes… ALL the best to you Erik… you are growing from nothing to something for the 2nd time… not many have done it once.

    WIN DAWG…. WIN!!!

  • TheG

    Fantastic, Pedercini will have some one to beat. Seriously I thought it was April 1st. I give em 4 races before they pull out – if they make it to the grid at all……….

  • Great news! I’ve always liked WSBK, better racing and more brands, and I can relate. Eric is one smart cookie and has been committed to the sport. My new favorite. May and Yates will get their feet wet and then hopefully the next year team EBR can kick some ass.
    I do wonder though about that front brake and am surprised the pundits here have not said a thing about it . Also is there enough fuel in the frame?

  • paulus

    The more the merrier, good luck EBR

    Motorcycle buyers are typically getting older (on average).
    It might be a smart move using some older racers, ones that the buyers can more relate to and root for.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Also is there enough fuel in the frame?”

    fuel in the frame, top end in the engine, braking capability for double ton straights, ram air to support said top end, linkage conversion for the rear shock, etc.

    already crunching the numbers. computer says there is much to do.

  • Mark B

    Well, I wish them the best, but, whether they are American or not, they are going to seriously butt spanked.




  • Hayabrusa

    It doesn’t matter if Americans gain more interest in WSBK, if we can’t get it on TV!! Seriously, I can’t wait to see how we do (esp. old man Yates! – ha!). I think the whole concept is Awesome.

  • Grey Matter

    Another abomination set of posts by TexasTim. You should really try saying something positive rather than being a negative Nancy all the time Tim. I think you are directly overlooking the whole point of having Geoff and Aaron on the team. They are development riders… period. Geoff spear headed the entire rider development of the RS and he did an amazing job with it. When Aaron jumped on, he supplied even more info than Danny did when he pedaled the RS on to multiple podium appearances in 2012.

    Hero’s involvement goes much deeper than just money. EBR is working hand-in-hand with them to develop new engines for their bikes and scooters, some of them being hybrids. And let me remind you that HD had made a poor financial decision with MV Agusta which sent them in a tail spin in the first place. The only reason why they offed Buell was to concentrate on making more outdated image products they call motorcycles.

    It’s rather evident that many posts are made without anyone doing any research or they just assume they know everything. EBR going to WSBK is nothing short of amazing and Erik’s on the right road to success as said by many other folks in the industry.

  • Mr.X

    There’s some fast guys that would ride for food. Yates? Really? Um, it’s 2014 and how many years ago did he get his leg run over, never to ride fast again? You never know what someone might pull out of their ass, but he’d be my 123rd choice.