Details Leak on the Zero SR/F Electric Sport Bike

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We still have over a month before Zero Motorcycles is going to take the wraps off its latest motorcycle, but the teaser is out, and our Bothan spy insiders have been hard at work uncovering more information about the machine.

As such, we have a bevy of details that have leaked out from the Californian electric motorcycle company, and so far, we like what we hear.

This because if our sources are correct, the Zero SR/F is set to be quite the looker, and it will have the technical specifications to back it up.

Our Bothans tell us that the new Zero SR/F will have close to 20 kWh of battery pack onboard (good for 120 miles of mixed highway and road use), while the electric motor will produce roughly 120hp of peak performance.

These raw specs should make for a peppy machine that can provide several hours of riding fun, and thus closes the gap to its thermic-powered equivalents, but Zero hasn’t stopped there.

Helping further close that gap are the other features that Zero Motorcycles is bringing to the package, namely an updated dash, cornering ABS, and better components.

While Zero has been teasing the streetfighter version of machine, the rumors that we have been hearing of a full faired model appear to be true as well, making this perhaps a double-bike reveal.

Our last tidbit of news concerns the price tag of the Zero SR/F, which our Bothans tell us is to be positioned on the high-end of the spectrum, well clear of $20,000 before any sort of state incentives kick in.

The Zero SR/F is a make-or-break model for Zero Motorcycles, as the electric motorcycle company has struggled to find a foothold in the motorcycle industry.

A recent analyst report pegs Zero as having only sold 750 motorcycles in 2018 – a figure that is below the unit sales of Alta Motors, which closed its doors several months ago.

With that stagnant sales growth, which is lead by a stagnant vehicle design, Zero needs a breakthrough moment with the SR/F to get motorcyclists interested in its brand again, and perhaps with electric motorcycles in general.

Otherwise, it would be hard to justify why the company would continue to be propped up by what has been an endless supply of investor capital.

Source: Bothan Spies