Zero Motorcycles Begins Teasing a New SR/F Model

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Zero Motorcycles has begun teasing its newest electric motorcycle model, the Zero SR/F. The company’s teaser on YouTube doesn’t reveal too much, though it does offer the date 2/25/19 for another announcement.

In the teaser’s video description, we get a little bit more from Zero, with it saying the following: “more than a new model, SR/F is an entirely new platform. The SR/F provides an effortlessly powerful experience in the naked street bike category.”

We can assume that Zero will build beyond its SR platform, which means at least a 60hp / 81 lbs•ft performance package on the new Zero SR/F.

With a name like “SR/F” though, we don’t expect Zero to stray too far from its current SR platform, and with a little work in Photoshop, we can see some of the details that are brewing in Santa Cruz.

As such, we can see that Zero is bringing another naked bike model to the fray (a point confirmed in the YouTube description). The headlight looks to be redesigned, with four LED lamps and an LED daylight running light around its perimeter.

There is a tall handlebar protruding from the machine, with green fairings with a red racing stripe. To our eye, this looks like the making of a sportier model from Zero, with a promising new design aesthetic.

We have also been hearing rumors of a fully faired model from Zero for some time now, which makes us wonder if the SR/F platform will fuel that machine when it comes.

This leaves much speculation for us over the next two months. As they say, patience is a virtue.

Source: Zero Motorcycles