Yet Another Zero Motorcycles SR/F Teaser

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It would be nice if the Zero SR/F would just debut already, as this drawn out teaser campaign is getting a bit tired, and the electric motorcycle company runs the risk of putting-off would-be buyers before the bike even debuts.

That said, Zero Motorcycles has another teaser for us.

This time around, we get some tech specs…sorta. The teaser video shows the Zero SR/F in a 14.4 kWh battery pack configuration, and it shows a motor labelled “Z-Force 75-10” on its side.

The battery pack is keeping with Zero’s current offering on its SR model, which presumably will also have a “Power Pack” option that brings on-board energy storage  to 18 kWh (the current maximum) or higher.

Assuming that’s the case, it fits inline with what our Bothan spies have been telling us about this bike’s performance figures.

Less certain is the Z-Force 75-10 motor, as that is a new electric motor designation from Zero Motorcycles. The current Zero SR uses a Z-Force 75-7 motor, which produces a peak performance figure of 70hp and 116 lbs•ft of torque.

If we just extrapolate numbers here – which lets preface as not exactly a great method to deduce performance figures – you would expect the Z-Force 75-10 to make 100hp, which is certainly on the peppy side of the motorcycle equation.

The teaser video shows us that Zero is using J.Juan brakes, which are anything but premium, and generally are the go-to budget option for motorcycle brands. Conversely,  we can spot Showa forks in the teaser, which depending on their configuration (Balance Free Front forks, for example) can be quite the good choice for a sport bike.

Hopefully on other aspects of the bike, corners have not be cut, like the rumored TFT dash and electronics package.

Of course, it’s not like Zero has really been forthcoming on details about this new motorcycle, which just leaves us to speculate, conjure, and rumor.

The 2019 Zero SR/F will finally debut on February 25th (three more weeks of waiting), for those who are still interested.

Source: Zero