More Rumors About Suzuki’s Turbo Project

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I had to go back through the Asphalt & Rubber pages to see when we first heard about Suzuki’s turbocharged motorcycle musings. For the record it was, just over four years ago when the Suzuki Recursion concept was teased at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Since then, we have seen a slow trickling of information about Suzuki’s turbocharged project, especially in the time since we got out first glimpse of the twin-cylinder 588cc concept engine.

When will the folks at Hamamatsu release this turbo bike? What form will it take? Is it the start of more forced-induction models from the Japanese brand? Or, will it be a one-off model? Does it wheelie?

These are all good questions, and if you believe the latest rumors, we have some answers for you.

News from Greece (by way of Switzerland) is that Suzuki is set to launch a new model, showing the machine to dealers already. The so-called Suzuki GSX-700T is said to have a 700cc “XE7” engine that features a variable geometry turbocharger with intercooler.

This is interesting, because the specs align with what we were told about the Suzuki Recursion concept, though that machine was said to have a 588cc engine. Of note, Suzuki already trademarked the “Recursion” name in the United States and Europe, back in 2015.

We would expect such a model to fit into street bike / roadster category, with the small turbocharged 700cc engine making closer to liter-bike class power – i.e. 150hp, or so.

A middleweight engine, designed to focus good midrange power and torque could really shine with an added turbocharger and intercooler, which would effectively increase the perceived power band to the rider.

Depending on the packaging of things as well, there could be a weight savings benefit to smaller “blown” engines. More power, and more importantly less weight, could really mean a new dawn of fun motorcycles from Suzuki. 

Now that is something that could really give the struggling Japanese brand a shot in the arm, both in terms of sales, but also perception.

We have been saying it for a long time now, but it looks like Suzuki is finally waking up from its recession-induced slumber, and it seems like we’re set of an exciting lineup…

…if you believe all the rumors you hear. We hope this one comes true though. Of note, new motorcycle models typically take 3 to 5 years to go from conception to production, in that regard, Suzuki could well be right on time. As always, time will tell.

Source: Acid Moto