Suzuki Recursion Concept: Bring on the Turbo!

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We are still a few weeks away from the Tokyo Motor Show, which begins on November 22nd, but that hasn’t stopped Suzuki from teasing a couple of its concept models ahead of time. First up, we have the Suzuki Recursion concept, a striking half-faired street bike.

Featuring a new 588cc water-cooled two-cylinder engine, the Recursion at first glance doesn’t seem like much, but what we really think is going to get your motor purring is the machine’s intercooled turbocharging system.

Suzuki says the turbo allows for the Recursion to offer big-displacement power in a middleweight bulk, which means the Suzuki Recursion would be a powerful, yet light sport bike with superb handling characteristics. The Japanese OEM also says that the Suzuki Recursion concept boasts impressive fuel consumption figures.

The idea is not a new one, and is something that can already be seen making headway in the automotive world. Able to offer more horsepower per liter, and more horsepower per physical cubic inch, forced-induction systems have become a new way for manufacturers to make lighter and more efficient vehicles — a critical undertaking as fuel prices continue to rise.

While motorcycles have been more immune to the pressures of fuel prices, the ability to offer liter-bike power in a middleweight’s body is an attractive proposition that should perk the ears of any two-wheeled enthusiast. Will Suzuki build the Recursion concept as a production machine? That remains to be seen. As always, time will tell.

Source: Suzuki