Suzuki Trademarks “Recursion” in the USA and Europe

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Could Suzuki’s turbocharged Recursion concept bike be coming to market? There have been rumors already, but that news just got a lot more solid because of Suzuki’s trademark filings this week.

Registering the name “Recursion” in both the US and European markets, for use with motorcycles, the Japanese brand seems set to debut the new model in the coming months.

The question of course then turns to how closely the production machine will be to the concept machine, which features a 588cc intercooled and turbocharged two-cylinder engine. Very closely, we hope.

Forced induction seems to be the flavor of the production-cycle right now in the motorcycle industry, with the Japanese manufacturers.

Kawasaki has already released its supercharged Ninja H2 street bike, as well as its 300hp Ninja H2R track bike. Add to that, Honda is said to be flirting with turbochargers and superchargers in its motorcycles as well, in the company’s R&D facility.

The benefits of the technology is obvious: more horsepower from lighter vehicle packages – a concept that goes much further with packaging of a motorcycle.

And with modern turbo/supercharger designs and technologies, many of the drawbacks original found with forced-induction systems have been eliminated or reduced, making that much more suitable to two-wheeled applications.

This trend isn’t that surprising, really, as the automotive industry has been playing for nearly a decade now with smaller displacement engines that use blowers to make similar power as their larger counterparts. The motorcycle industry is quite good at trailing behind its four-wheeled counterpart.

All signs point to the likelihood that we can expect to see the production version of the Suzuki Recursion at the upcoming EICMA show in Milan, or maybe the Tokyo Motor Show, both of which are in two months’ time. Stay tuned!










Source: USPTO & OHIM via Canada Moto Guide