Zero SR/S Teased – Here Comes Their Full Fairing Sport Bike?

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It seems Zero Motorcycles is gearing up to bring us another machine for the 2020 model year, as the electric vehicle company is teasing the release of its Zero SR/S.

Officially, the company isn’t saying more than a February 24th release date, but by connecting some obvious dots and a bit of inside information from our Bothan spies, we are pretty certain of what to expect in a month’s time.

As loyal A&R readers already know, Asphalt & Rubber was the first to break the news that Zero Motorcycles was working on a full-fairing sport bike (we even got a photo of the test bike), based off the Zero SR/F platform.

While the Zero SR/F was a naked bike, the SR/S is expected to be a full fairing version of the same machine.

Teaser videos and photos don’t seem to give too much away (see above…or not), though we would expect Zero Motorcycles to pitch the SR/F and SR/S and as two bikes from the same coin.

As such, expect similar performance specs on the Zero SR/S as you would on the SR/F, which means a 12.6 kWh battery pack (nominal, standard), 82 miles of range (@ 70 mph), 140 lbs•ft of torque, 485 lbs at the curb, and ~$20,000 price tag.

The Zero SR/S should be an interesting entry for Zero Motorcycles, as it will go head-to-head with the newly revised Energica Ego superbike, which is the basis for the racing machine for the MotoE World Cup.

How will these two full-fairing sport bikes compare on the road and the track? It seems we have only a month more to find out.

Source: Zero Motorcycles

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