Energica Brings More Battery to Its Electric Motorcycles for 2020

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As expected before the EICMA show, electric motorcycle maker Energica will bring a significant boost to its 2020 model year lineup, starting with larger capacity battery packs.

Now with 18.9 kWh (nominal) of energy onboard (the most of any production electric motorcycle on the market), the Italian brand has nearly doubled its battery capacity, without adversely affecting its models’ weight and cost.

Energica says that this battery increase is a direct result of its participation in the MotoE World Cup.

To talk numbers, Energica says that the updated 2020 models are 5% lighter than the previous model year’s, and they have a range increase of 60% (Energica quotes just over 140 miles of mixed highway and city use).

Performance figures have also been boosted, with the Energica Eva EsseEsse9+ quoted with 148 lbs•ft (200 Nm), while the Energica Ego+ and Energica Eva Ribelle models come with a whooping 159 lbs•ft (215 Nm) out of their oil-cooled permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motors.

New for the 2020 model year is the Energica Eva Ribelle (Italian for “Rebel”), which now gets the same performance figures as the full-faired Ego+ model. As such, this means that 143hp (107 kW) for the Eva Ribelle and its 18.9 kWh pack.

If that is not quite your thing, there is still the base model Eva as well as the Eva EsseEsse9+, which will continue to use the 11.7 kWh (nominal) pack.

All the bikes in the Energica 2020 lineup continue to have DC fast charging capabilities, as standard.

We don’t have exact pricing figures yet, but it is our understanding that the prices for the Energica range will largely be the same as before, which means a starting point at around $20,000 MSRP.

Photos of the 2020 Energica Eva Ribelle:

Source: Energica

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