Energica Electric Superbikes Spotted with New Battery Packs

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It looks like the folks at Energica have been busy for the 2020 model year, as we get some spy shots of their updated models, courtesy of our friends at the Italian website.

The bikes were caught near Verona, which is about an hour north of Energica’s Modena headquarters, and though the Ego and EsseEsse9 that were spotted seem similar to previous models, there are some subtle differences that we can see.

The biggest change is the battery and motor housings, which seems to have lost their cast aluminum covers for something a bit more lightweight.

This isn’t a new change, per se, since we saw that the Energica Ego Corsa that is being used in the MotoE series had similar changes to its battery pack, which helps account for the sizable weight reduction the race bike see over it street counterparts.

What this hopefully means too is that the Energica lineup is set for a battery upgrade. With more density available on the market, the thinking is that Energica will find a way to pack more kWh of energy onboard its two-wheelers. Such a move was told to us by Energica staff earlier this year when we visited their office, and it seems 2020 is the year those changes will come online.

We expect to see pricing on the Energica lineup to remain the same however, despite these battery upgrades, and judging from the styling seen here (camouflage graphics not withstanding), the 2020 model year is an evolution on the Energica aethetic, with perhaps a few more years left in the design.

Of course, what we really want to see from the Italian electric motorcycle company is a customer version of its MotoE race bike, which is turning more than a few heads this year in the GP paddock.

Our experience with the Energica Ego on the track is that the bike is potent, but suffers from its nearly 600 lbs weight, and rather small energy supply, which is susceptible to thermal issues.

Energica is on the right path though, and the upgrades spotted in the photos below could truly turn the Ego into a viable track bike option, which is very exciting to us.

Perhaps, we could settle for a up-spec component and track bodywork kit for enthusiast/racing use, if a purchasable MotoE bike is off the table because of Dorna licensing issues.