The Energica Esse Esse 9 Concept Cannot Be Unseen

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When it comes to the technology that Energica uses to make its electric motorcycles, we can sing only strong praises. The Italian firm has one of the best electric motorcycle packages on the market.

However when it comes to more subjective matters, like the styling of their machines, we find Energica’s designs to be challenging to enjoy, if not sometimes impalpable.

The Energica Ego superbike and the Eva streetfighter are not the most beautiful machines we have ever seen, though their designs do grow on you over time.

We don’t think we will be making the same concessions about the Energica Esse Esse 9 concept though, which debuted at EICMA today.

There is certainly a little lost in translation, but that aside, it is hard to decipher in Energica’s press release what exactly the Esse Esse 9 concept is trying to achieve.

Perhaps the Esse Esse 9 itself is a result of that lack of focus, with some elements looking like a neo-retro play on the seemingly played-out scrambler format, and other elements making the sport bike looking more like a prop off a bad sci-fi production.

To add a little clarity, Energica does make mention in its writings of wanting to highlight the battery pack of its electric motorcycle, a technical achievement the Italian firm is clearly very proud of, as it should be.

However, large boxes are not terribly attractive forms to see on a motorcycle, and usually electric motorcycle manufacturers go to great lengths to hide these large and unsightly battery packs that their machines require.

If there is one thing that is clear from the mess that is the Esse Esse 9 concept, it is that Energica needs to take a closer look at its branding and design of its machines and company.

Energica’s masterful technical prowess is being betrayed by its tacky designs and creations, like the bike we see here, which we now cannot un-see.






Source: Energica

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