Honda CBR250RR Getting Some Extra Cojones for 2020?

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If we made a list of motorcycles available in other markets that we don’t get here in the United States, surely the Honda CBR250RR would be a bike near the top of the list.

The plucky twin-cylinder sport bike is nothing like the Honda CBR250R or Honda CBR300R, in that it is a proper sport bike, not just some budget machine in wolf’s clothing.

Big Red is surely feeling the pressure from Team Green though, as both the Kawasaki Ninja 400 and Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R offer some very compelling reasons on the spec sheet (and on the wallet) as to why they should be in your garage.

To that end, we get to the crux of our story here, as the 2020 Honda CBR250RR will get a bit of a power boost, to the tune of 41hp at the crank, and more.

That figure still puts the twin-cylinder Honda a few horsepower shy of what Kawasaki is bringing to the table, but at least it is getting paired with a slipper clutch and optional quickshifter, which helps Big Red to match specs with Team Green.

There is talk too of other high-end bits and bobs, which includes a new ride-by-wire throttle, ECU, and available riding modes.

Expect to see the 2020 Honda CBR250RR debut mid-summer, with priority of coming to the Asian markets, which of course leaves us asking the question: we ever see this bike in the US market?

Likely not, but then again if Kawasaki brings the Ninja ZX-25R to domestic shores (it likely won’t), things could get interesting.

That being said, with the US and Europe getting the Ninja 400, there is an argument for why Honda could bring the quarter-sized “RR” to Western markets though, so never say never.

We expect to see a formal announcement on the revised CBR250RRR later this week, possibly as early as tomorrow.