Honda CBR250RR, Reporting for Racing Duty

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Honda is taking the quarter-liter market very seriously. The debut of the Honda CBR250RR street bike proves as much, with Big Red doubling-down on the segment, just three years after the debut of the Honda CBR300R.

The small-displacement category hasn’t converged on a single-displacement yet, with anything from 250cc to 400cc seemingly filling the gap, all of which makes the Honda CBR250RR an even bolder choice from the Japanese manufacturer, as it’s on the smaller end of the spectrum.

We have yet to see the Honda CBR250RR come to the western markets, but in Asia, HRC is getting ready to go racing with its 250cc twin-cylinder platform. As such, the above is the Honda CBR250RR, in its Astra Honda Racing trim, which debuted this weekend at the Osaka Motorcycle Show.

Aside from the removal of the bike’s headlights, license plate, and turn signals, there isn’t much different that we can see on the HRC-kitted Honda CBR250RR.

Obviously, the shotgun-style exhaust can has been replaced with a more simple and traditional muffle arrangement, which surely has to reduce weight on the machine.

Surprisingly however, the suspension is the same non-adjustable Showa units found on the street bike, which is an odd-choice for taking the budget sport bike to serious race bike status.

HRC did do away with the ABS on the CBR250RR, using a more conventional setup from Nissin. We can also spot new rearsets, which move the footpeg height higher by several inches.

Quite the handsome little race bike, we hope Honda brings the CBR250RR over to the USA – in a 300cc displacement, perhaps.

Source: HRC