Spy Shots: Ducati Stradaperta Gets Dirty

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The 2010 Ducati Stradaperta adventure bike continues is world spy shot tour. Taking to the dirt for the first time, the Stradaperta looks to be testing its off-road capability. Luckily, the folks at MCN had an undercover agent around to snag some shots of the BMW GS killer taking some jumps, and getting some air. More photos after the jump.

If by now you haven’t figured out that these photos are likely being staged, then the absurdity that a photographer just happened to be out in the middle of nowhere while this testing occured should be proof of the matter. Still, Ducati seems intent on showing that the Stradaperta would be a capable casual off-roader. With these photos, Ducati seems to be trying to say that the Stradaperta is even capable of taking on the BMW GS, further removing the bike from the lines of its predecessor the Multistrada.

MCN sources say that the “the bike was getting at least six feet of air over some of the jumps.” But there’s been no indication on how the 1098cc Superbike motor fares in off-road excursions.

Source: MCN via HFL