Gone Riding: Alta Motors Redshift MXR

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One of my more favorite phrases to tell people is that it is called Asphalt & Rubber for reason, as I am very much a sport bike / street bike sort of guy. That is why I sent hot-shoe Carlin Dunne down to SoCal today to ride the brand new Alta Motors Redshift MXR motocross bike.

Revised with a bevy of improvements over Alta’s original Redshift MX model, the MXR is designed to be a proper race bike. So, we had Carlin pack some extra postage stamps, with explicit instructions go send it.

With 50hp packed into a 259 lbs body, the Redshift MXR has some promising specs, but beyond the spec-sheet, the electric dirt bike brings a new twist to riding an MX course, namely with promises for better hookup and more traction.

How does it work in the wild though? Well, we are going to ride it and find out.

Per our new review format, we will be giving you a live assessment of the new Alta Redshift MXR right here in this article (down in the comments section), and there we will try to answer any questions you might have.

So, here is your chance to learn what it’s like to ride the Redshift MXR, before even Carlin’s own proper review is posted. As always, if we don’t know an answer, we will try to get a response from the Alta personnel. So, pepper away.

You can follow our thoughts on the bike live via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and you can see what our colleagues are posting on social media by looking for the hashtags #RedshiftMXR

Spec-Sheet Comparison of Relevant Models to the Alta Motors Redshift MXR:

  Alta Redshift MXR Zero FX 7.2 Honda CRF250R Honda CRF450R
Horsepower 50 hp 46 hp 36 rwhp 53 rwhp
Torque 42 lbs•ft 78 lbs•ft 17 lbs•ft 33 lbs•ft
Weight 259 lbs 289 lbs 238 lbs (wet) 248 lbs (wet)
Engine Electric / 5.8 kWh Electric / 6.3 kWh (nominal) Single-Cylinder, 249cc Single-Cylinder, 499cc
Price $11,995 $10,495 $7,999  $9,149

Photos: Alta Motors

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