Yamaha VMAX Concept by Vacuita

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We came across this render while trolling the internet for Ukrainian wives, and thought to ourselves that it sure did look like the bastard child of the Yamaha FZ1 and the upcoming Ducati Diavel. Made back in 2009, this artist’s render pre-dates any of the leaked viewings we saw of the Diavel, but could be an interesting evolution of the VMAX design to answer the Ducati power cruiser.

We like to think of the render as a VMAX on steroids, although we can’t seem to wrap our heads around how the Öhlins shock above the motor mounting works out…but then again we had trouble finding Ukrainian wives on the internet (now that’s saying something).

Fitted with a hub-steering design and super low stature, the design might be a bit much for Yamaha. But then again, the tuning fork brand has been willing to push the envelope with the VMAX line, a marked departure from the otherwise very conservative company. Bits and pieces of the Yamaha common parts bin can be seen, but we especially like the LED head lamps on the mirror stays and front fairing, which set the bike as unique. More please!

Source: vacuita (deviantART)