Report: World Superbike Got Faster in 2009

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Single-tire supplier to the World Superbike Championship, Pirelli has announced that the 2009 WSBK series is officially faster than the 2008 season. On an aggregate basis, the 2009 season was 20 seconds quicker in its measured race time than in 2008, which breaks down to each race winning lap being about 0.7 seconds faster than before.

With 2009 being Pirelli’s sixth year supply rubber to world production motorcycle racing, the advancement in speed is a testament to the developments made not only by motorcycle manufacturers, but also the pace that parts suppliers, like Pirelli, have made in keeping up with the industry’s advancements.

Reminding us of when the tire technology was the limiting factor in MotoGP, we begin to wonder what’s the slowest point of development in production racing? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Pirelli