Near the start of the 2013 AMA Pro Road Racing season, DMG had yet to announce a TV package for America’s premier motorcycle road racing series.

The issue was of great concern to riders and teams, who had made sponsorship commitments, with TV exposure being an integral piece of consideration involved in those contracts. Luckily at the last-minute, a TV package was announced, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Fast-forward to the 2013 Laguna Seca round, and it became apparent that not all of the AMA Pro Road Racing events would be on TV, namely the AMA’s stop at Laguna Seca, which was being held with the now Dorna-control Superbike World Championship. Again the news was a shock, and sent the AMA Pro Racing paddock into a fervor.

Thanfully again a remedy was found at the last minute — albeit, an imperfect one — with a free online live stream being offered to two-wheel racing fans.

Moving into the 2014 season, once again it was revealed that AMA Pro Road Racing would see a downgrade in its exposure levels, as no TV contract would be produced for the season. Instead, the 2014 races would be broadcast solely on the FansChoice.tv website for free.

Laguna Seca has once again proved to be the stickler though, as DMG announced this week that the only AMA round west of The Rockies would not even be shown on the company’s streaming website. The reactions are predictable.

AMA’s statement gives few details on the situation, simply saying that “AMA Pro Racing engaged in good faith negotiations with the event’s rights holder, but, ultimately, was unable to reach an agreement in the best interest of all parties involved.”

However, RoadRacing World however is reporting that the breakdown between DMG and Dorna came about because of AMA Pro Road Racing still owing money to Dorna for last year’s live streaming services.

You see, during the World Superbike and MotoGP event weekends, Dorna’s own video crew has exclusive access to the track, meaning that if the weekend’s support series want to be filmed, they must purchase the rights to access the video feed from Dorna.

With DMG having an outstanding balance, and Dorna unwilling to give anymore freebies, the result is that the AMA round at Laguna Seca, and the Harley-Davidson race at Indianapolis, will not be streamed online for enthusiasts.

This means, the only way to watch the AMA races at Laguna Seca and Indy is to be there in person. However, it’s not clear what this will mean for rider and team contracts, which were written with a full-season of live-streaming in mind — though it certainly won’t be a good result.

Meanwhile the conspiracy theories about a Dorna-run North American Championship continue to circle around the paddock, and we continue to ponder the age-old philosophical question about trees falling the in the woods, and people being around to hear them.

Source: AMA Pro Racing & RoadRacing World

  • Conrice

    Sadly, I am in no way surprised.

  • proudAmerican

    “AMA’s statement gives few details on the situation, simply saying that “AMA Pro Racing engaged in good faith negotiations with the event’s rights holder, but, ultimately, was unable to reach an agreement in the best interest of all parties involved.”

    I can see it now:

    AMA put their hands out to Dorna, bearing a handful of bills and coins: “We rummaged through the couch cushions, and came up with $57.93. Is that enough?”

    Sad. Very, very sad. AMA/DMG can’t go away soon enough. Pull the plug, and let somebody with business savvy start a new series.

    A. Fucking. Joke.

  • irksome

    “…unable to reach an agreement in the best interest of all parties involved.” In other words, DMG was not willing to spend the money to promote their professional motorcycle roadracing series.

    So between the fans, the teams and DMG, whose best interests are served by having no broadcast?

  • paulus

    I would have thought this was when a savvy cable sports channel came in and negotiated for the rights.
    Only if Dorna want too much dough does it then not be viable.

  • David

    It’s to expensive to watch any racing on TV or internet nowadays.

    I canceled my DirecTv and won’t be watching anything but BluRay movies on TV now.

    I just read about the results from here and other racing websites.

    Time to bring back the good journalist who know how to make the racing article exciting.

    It’s the way I used to get my racing news for years.

  • Yeeha! Stephen

    The King is Dead.

    Long Live the King.

    Time to support your local racing venues. Grass roots is where it’s at now days.

  • Looter

    Did DMG let Tony George have the keys to AMA? Thats the only explanation that makes sense of this mess.

  • Mike

    US racing is a joke. I’m a 30+ year fan, but over the last few years, the whole landscape has become confusing and uninteresting. It is a shame as the best US riders will be impacted by not having the right foundation or visibility needed to move to a world series.

  • Rico Bustamente

    “America’s premier motorcycle road racing series”…. yeah…. 10 years ago & before maybe, but not any more!

    AMA Pro Racing is a disgrace & has been for the last 10 years… probably longer but…

    I DVR Moto Gp & occasionally catch a World Superbike race on whatever that soccer channel is on cable…

    One can only hope that King Kenny or Kevin Schwantz or both & others take over & create a new racing series- structure that can once again develop world class riders with the possibility of racing at the top.. Moto Gp…

    & if this comes to pass, have NO AFFILIATION with the AMA…. the AMA is worthless…. just another nonprofit profiting from member dues, advertising, etc… adding ZERO value to individual riders…

  • … and then “they” are asking themselves, why nobody’s following AMAProRR races!?
    AMAPro Road Races can be done according to the principle of Private Parties, Secret Societies, on invites only… Or is it already done in that way, just we don’t know?

  • Slangbuster

    Apartetly, an offer was made to DMG to provide TV coverage for Laguna Seca by a VERY credible source however, no decision could be reached by DMG and once again, the clock ran out. Also according to sources, DMG apparently owes Dorna a large pile of money and as of yet , has been unable or refused to pay, which has strained relations even further. This whole situation is so frustrating to watch when there are qualified and forward thinking people who could move forward with the racing and successful marketing of the sport. It’s really not that complicated but maybe “Big Daddy” Bill France really isn’t that smart (more money than brains?)

    Isn’t it interesting that the recent three race series Super Bike Shootout at Fontana, Sears and Miller had outstanding overall coverage? Frankly, I’m amazed that given the apathy, recklessness and incompetence of the DMG, that it still has a pulse. Should be fun filled weekend…. if your’e there.

  • CrisCo

    The AMA is racing this year?

  • TexusTim

    I suggested dorna take over for dmg more than a year ago and I wish they would step up and buy ama from these a__ clowns…they cant whip themselves out of a wet paper bag for christ sake.

  • Grey Matter

    I have a hunch that Dorna is purposely giving the AMA/DMG the cold shoulder. I think some of us forget that Dorna secretly wants to purchase the AMA so why would they help televise a DMG event? They wouldn’t. They would let DMG fail over and over again but, it’s not like they need help doing that.

  • Arturo Guzzman

    AMA “Pro” Roadracing died the day Roger Edmundson set foot in the room. The head henchman for the France family ruined the most productive feeder series in racing history. Now with no clear way forward young domestic racers have no platform to showcase their skills and will never get the attention of a world class team or sponsor. “No bucks, no Buck Rogers”!

    Thanks Rog!

  • Yeeha! Stephen

    My suggestion… just spill it like you’re arguing with your best Buds.
    Get to the point before they interrupt you! Ha!